Sunday, 12 February 2012

This is what I missed

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Too tired to tell you of my trip now, but here is the visual welcome home I got on my return.

Look, look what happened whilst I was away:

12 Feb 1 12-02-2012 13-51-51

12 Feb 2 12-02-2012 13-52-00

12 Feb 3 12-02-2012 13-52-19

12 Feb 3 12-02-2012 13-53-22

And here are the trees and the hills and the colours and the light:

12 Feb 6 12-02-2012 13-56-25

12 Feb 7 12-02-2012 13-56-29

12 Feb 9 12-02-2012 13-57-47

Oh, and someone is just sitting there giving me the look that says How could you survive away from this much beauty?:

12 Feb 10 12-02-2012 13-53-54

I mean, really:

12 Feb 11 12-02-2012 13-53-58

That's quite enough of that. Time for stick action:

12 Feb 13 12-02-2012 13-55-12

Yeah, yeah, THE STICK. Throw it. It's too much FUN:

12 Feb 14 12-02-2012 13-55-23

See? You don't have this much fun in the stupid old south, do you?:

12 Feb 15 12-02-2012 13-55-58

They don't have hills either, where I went. This is the one I missed:

12 Feb 16 12-02-2012 13-58-02

It was a good trip. I felt useful, which is a very important feeling for me. I suddenly realise it is a tremendous privilege when someone needs you to do something for them, and you can really do it. No ifs or buts or half-measures or temporising or trimming: you can just damn well do it. It's one of the great feelings of the world. It's like getting a present, the gift of your own usefulness. I sometimes feel pointless and feckless and hopeless and useless, as I imagine all humans do, from time to time. So the last six days were the antidote to that, and I don't take that for granted for a single moment.

It's funny; it's been a strange few months, for many reasons. All my sinews have been stretched. But just now, there is an awful lot of love. And you know that as long as I have love and trees, I am all right. So I feel very, very lucky.

And, of course, highly delighted to be back amongst the Dear Readers. You were so very kind to wait.


  1. Welcome back - Very happy your trip was successfully and sounds like it was in many different ways. The little things in life can mean so much and can give us such pleasure. Pigeon looks like he missed you (and I miss my daily dose of your writing)! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Welcome back indeed, and SO good to see the Pigeon again. Those expressions have just made me laugh so much.

    You have crocuses out? If we do, they are still buried under snow and ice (although the snowdrops are fighting through bravely).

    We look forward to hearing about the trip. Even though I bullied you about not carrying a camera on the train. ;)

    PS: you may spot on FB that I triumphantly captured a photo of our local barn owl yesterday. I'm inordinately proud of it.

  3. Welcome home and hope you get a good nights sleep; Was thinking about you all week and hoping was alright. I am sure the Pigeon is in heaven now you are home.


  4. I've missed Pigeon and the hill, too. Glad to see you back.

  5. Welcome home!!!
    You're so much further north and your crocuses are out already!?! Mine (like Cassie's) are buried under a thin layer of snow. Temperatures are below freezing but supposed to start rising in a day or three (HAH! I've heard that before!) Went to a "plant fair" today and brought back several Helleborus (one a new "peachy pink" and yellow variety) but it's too darn cold to plant them!
    Cat and I are hugging radiators.

  6. You had to come south for the snow. I'm glad you are safely back in more temperate climes.

  7. The Pigeon is priceless. For two shots, just a hint of "Huh! You chose to come back after LEAVING me for a solid week? Let me think about this before welcoming you with open paws." And then (perhaps at the sight of a stick), "Oh, bag it, you're home-I'm so happy to see you-I missed you-throw the stick! What fun!"

    Glad you're back. And with such a thought-provoking observation! Wow.


  8. You're home! So pleased you have felt useful and valued. Meanwhile The Readers have missed you, if I may be conceited enough to speak for others. I have, anyhoo, as it does me good to commune with an intelligent lifeform for a few minutes every day.

    I have wondered, of late, how is your friend with the breast cancer? I thought maybe it was she who has needed you nearby. I am about to have my "five-years-are-up" sign-off appointment tomorrow, and so I will be from now on just the same as anyone else who has never been diagnosed and treated, having mammograms in ""library vans", and off the books of the lovely Breast Clinic which has cared for me so efficiently and sweetly.

    I hope your friend will be doing the same five years from now.

  9. Welcome back, Lovely Tania. All is right with the world again as I sit down Monday morning with coffee and you and your beautiful pictures. So, so good to see that darling Pidge.

    Wish you all the love and trees xx

  10. You are a seriously talented writer Tania, I can feel myself relaxing as I read about your trip. These photos are gorgeous too. xxx

  11. Looks like one very happy Pigeon! Beautiful photos as usual. Do hope all my snowdrops are Ok under the snow. Can't wait to see them.

  12. You're home :) so all is right with the world.
    Welcome back and all love to you and beautiful Pidge.
    Your previous post about your love for her - moving and wonderful.

  13. Welcome home! So glad you are back safely and taking photos of the beautiful Pigeon. How I wish Texas got snowdrops-- they were one of the most joyful signs of new life in Seattle when I was growing up. Here, winter is sporadic-- it's about a week, spread out a day here and a day there. Yesterday it was 70 F, today sleet. A bold neighbor has crocuses and they give me enormous delight-- we can't do bulbs here. But we can do wildflowers, and they are a sight to see.

  14. Ah! Welcome home!

  15. Welcome back. I know the snowdrops now but what are those purply ones! such a beautiful color. And look at the welcome on Pigeon's face. Such a nice warm, fuzzy feeling.

  16. Someone just left this quote on my blog and I thought you'd like it:-
    "The grand essentials of happiness are something to do something to love and something to hope for."

  17. Lillyanne, love that. Welcome home, Tania! I missed your blog while you were gone...its so nice to have something to read with morning coffee... It is a good thing to feel useful and needed...

  18. Welcome back! You were much missed.

  19. this was sent ot me last week and it blew my mind - use the scroll bar at the bottom to zoom in and out, it gives a certain degree of perspective to this particular worry-wart!

  20. Hi Tania,

    Welcome back to you and the Pigeon and the hill and the trees and and and...

    all the best
    liz from Paris

    ps. if you have time have a look at the tues 07 feb post about photographer Melanie Acevedo and scroll down to the fourth picture (sorry would have liked to attach image but obviously can't do that here). Bet you will be chuffed to see your book(and Sarah's) beautifully styled and photographed.

  21. Welcome back, Tania. Glad the week was good. Your elegant prose and pithy insights have been missed, though can see from the Pigeon's shining eyes that - in her view - these take second place to your stick throwing talents.

  22. OMG! Was just going to say welcome home and you didn't MISS the snowdrops, they've yet to open up! Everything waited for you!

    And then I saw the previous commenter's link, and went there, and OMG!!! Your book! Under a crystal skull! (Do you know how much those cost?) What a gorgeous photo of your book, and what a gorgeous website! Congratulations!

  23. How absolutely lovely you all are. What a welcome home. Feel a bit teary at your kindness. Have got behind and there is no time to reply to all individually, so please forgive the omission. I cannot tell you what a smile you have brought to my face though; thank you, thank you.


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