Friday, 4 September 2009

A brief visual interlude

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Still ill. My nieces say: four days. They come and see me, making cooing noises, take the dogs out, and whirl away again. I adore them.

Seem to have lost the ability to type, but you know I like to give you something, so here is a little visual treat. Lartigue is one of my favourite photographers in the world. When I very first began collecting, I bought two pictures, without quite meaning to (I had wandered into The Photographers' Gallery, in those days in Great Newport Street, quite by mistake): one by Lee Miller and one by Lartigue. In those days, no one had ever heard of him and he was dirt cheap. Now he is no longer a little fishing village but a global conurbation and you must hock your diamonds to get an original. But in the meantime, feast your eyes on his lovely muse, Renée. And tomorrow I shall have retrieved my facility for bashing away at a keyboard.


  1. Hope you're back in the land of the lucid living very soon.

  2. Reminds me of heavenly Cecil Beaton when he was photographing Nancy and Baba or the Jungmans, or even a little of Brassai, whom I adore and now feel I must visit , quick, quick, if I could only find an exhibition again. (Re-reading Brideshead in preparation for the new Brideshead biog - am shameless vernacular-adoptee!)

    What was it about early 20th century photographers - they seem to shine so brilliantly, although I know I am very partisan to the entire period. There's so much to be said for those lovely B&Ws. Thank you for the introduction to Lartigue - I shall add him to my collection.

    Keep breathing - i have to say after your pease pudding comment, and your image of prostration in a delicate lacy shawl brought to mind a vast pink ham swaddled in muslin, immersed in said pease pudding. Then I had to get split pea and ham soup for lunch, so strong was the yearning. Luckily veggie curries improve with age...!

  3. There really is nothing worse than being ill but one of great things that comes with being confined to your house or bed is you catch up on all the books, articles and other reading material that you may not have had time for when racing around. And you don't have to feel guilty about lying around all day. xxx

  4. Oh me too! Me too! I went to this

    and just died: all his notebooks, everything. LLGxx

  5. Poor lovely. At least you have dogwalkers - always the bane of my life when I'm ill.

    Are you bored yet? Or still too poorly to notice? I have rituals for all illness - must have hot apple or orange juice several times a day, re-read "Jane Eyre", listen to R4, watch "This Morning" and "Countdown" and call my Nanna (88) as often as possible for Official Nanna Remedies and care!

    I'm so glad you've not lost that blogging feeling. Chin up!

  6. Sounds like a horrible bug! Do hope you soon feel better!

    Re yesterday's post, I'm with you! sentence = subject - verb - object, as in I LOVE FOOD, which is definitely a complete thought! LOL

  7. Hope you feel better soon but lovely photos from a lovely era. What a beautiful girl and so wonderfuly styled and lit. I love photography it can tell such a story x

  8. Hoping you will feel better soon, in the meantime, your thoughts are no less captivating.

  9. Beautful photos - he actually has a similar style to Horst, whom I adore but could never afford!

    Get well soon my dear, and you just concentrate on rest and recuperation. Oh, and ice cream, which I maintain works wonders for any illness!


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