Friday, 6 January 2012

Bonus post

It really is very vulgar to put up a link to one's other blog. It's quite mad to have two blogs at all. The other one is my virtual commonplace book, where I put the little things that make me laugh or think. Because it is quite new, it only has about ten readers, and today's thing was so delightful and funny that I wanted to share it with a wider audience. So, if you want to have a lovely Friday afternoon laugh, click here.


  1. I so owe you a comment but am on the iPad which renders typing almost impossible. Also about to take the puppy out visiting to friends with dogs. A social visit, I hope he behaves! Not sure if you've dropped by my blog lately but I have some guest posters...I wanted to ask you to write something but then got cold feet and thought heavens no you are a proper writer. I just wanted to say it though : if you ever considered doing a guest post anywhere I would be so delighted. But equally when you write for a living, I can see it may not hold such appeal! furtivelyenjoying your well argued and passionate commentary in previous post. Lou x

  2. Lou - always so lovely to hear from you. Especially pleased to get puppy news. Incredibly flattered you would ask me to guest blog. Would love to. Let me know how it works. Have been behind on my blog reading this week, but am running to see what your guests are saying now this very minute. :)

  3. Updates: the puppy pooed on their floor. Oh dear!!! I am sure the pigeon never did such a thing. Delighted you're receptive...let's email x

  4. Errr how does one email you? See no email link.... :-)


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