Friday, 13 January 2012

In which I do not speak of Scottish independence.

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

I was going to do a whole thing on Scottish independence.(Admit, you are on the very edge of your seat.) It’s because there is so much news. I cannot just speak of small, parochial concerns whilst the world is raging about me. I thought it was time to speak of important things.

Then I thought: sod it. People really do know what they think. Everyone else is shouting about it; I’m not sure I need to add my pennyworth.

The interesting thing about it is that really good arguments may be made from either side. There are many imponderables, which are being stated with certainty. Everyone is getting shirty about who really owns North Sea oil. Alex Salmond is looking, as usual, delighted with himself, and very slightly shifty. I keep remembering when he was selling us independence on the notion that we could become like Ireland or Iceland. I am not making this up. Those were his two dream states, until 2008, when he suddenly fell very, very quiet on the subject.

In the end, I think it is probably an emotional thing. I love the union. I could not really give you a coherent reason why. Perhaps it is because I have Scottish and English blood, and I like the idea of the two co-mingling, although this is an essentially irrational thought. But it is Friday. I may be irrational.

In other, much more important news:

The poor Pigeon has hurt her foot. She was gazing in adoration at The Brother-in-Law, who was driving past in his zoomy motor and stopped to talk. She was so busy with the adoring gaze that she stood on a sharp piece of wood and gave herself a shock. She is now curled up in a tight black ball, making little sighing noises under her breath. She really does know how to milk it. She shall be getting extra love and treats for the duration, I know you shall all be vastly relieved to hear.

More thrilling still, I have rediscovered the delights of celery soup. It was a thing in my childhood; I remember it. Does anyone really eat celery soup any more? It feels very déclassé. But I had some slightly mournful celery in the fridge, staring reproachfully at me, so I just threw it in a pot with some chicken stock and a chopped onion, simmered for fifteen minutes, and liquidised, and oh, oh, oh, the goodness. I intend to eat nothing else all weekend. The secret is: a good addition of black pepper at the end. That tiny thing brings it alive.

Outside, the sky has turned a low shade of purple. It feels faintly apocalyptic. I wonder if it is a harbinger of snow. I am bound for the Borders on Friday, and am watching the weather like a hawk.

As I finish writing this, I think: I must have a fact of the day. Nothing like a good fact of the day to round off a rather slight post.

Here’s a fine, topical one. When Sir Fred Goodwin was making his crazed bid for ABN Amro, the one which was done with ‘diligence-light’, or, no due diligence at all, the one which capsized a once-great bank and led to a twenty billion pound bailout, Alex Salmond sent him this thoughtful note: ‘I wanted you to know that I am watching events closely on the ABN front. It is in Scottish interests for RBS to be successful, and I would like to offer any assistance my office can provide. Good luck with the bid.’

Perhaps Wee Eck was having a wee joke. Do let's hope so.


It was a delightful, sunny day, and everything was light and golden. Here are some pictures:

13 Jan 1 13-01-2012 11-10-57

13 Jan 3 13-01-2012 11-18-03

13 Jan 4 13-01-2012 11-19-01

13 Jan 6 13-01-2012 11-20-33

13 Jan 6 13-01-2012 11-20-57

13 Jan 6 13-01-2012 11-21-25

13 Jan 7 13-01-2012 11-26-08.ORF

13 Jan 8 13-01-2012 11-22-33.ORF

13 Jan 9 13-01-2012 11-23-05

Questing Pigeon, pre foot incident:

13 Jan 11 13-01-2012 11-17-39

13 Jan 14 13-01-2012 11-24-06

Hill, cast into silhouette by the light:

13 Jan 15 13-01-2012 11-33-31


Happy Friday.


  1. I like your thoughts on Scottish independence. They are pretty much my own (complete with loving the union for the reason of having English and Scottish blood).

    I hope the Pigeon recovers quickly, though I am sure she will love the attention in the meantime.

    I am thinking of making lettuce soup this weekend. Is this declasse too?

  2. Celery soup - always make the stuff as we have so much of celery! I do hope Pigeon recovers soon. Please keep us updated.
    Not commenting on the Scottish part as I know nothing of it.

  3. Your trees and hill look so beautiful in the light. Everything looks crisp and clean - can almost smell the outdoors.
    Please give the darling Pigeon my love. I think dramatic tendancies help the recovery process.xx

    And when I heard about the Scottish independence thing I immediately thought of you. I thought, Tania will have something to say on that!

  4. Where else could your dog hurt her foot and receive well wishes from all over the world? That's a bit of sanity in a world generally gone mad, in my opinion.

    Thank you for the comments on Scottish independence. I still don't know much about it, but as I knew nothing before, this was a reason to read up a bit and at least get the general framework of the issue. There's really no excuse for being so ignorant about a country I have always liked.

    Best to The Pigeon. May she trade on this for as long as she likes, assuming she has no real pain or inconvenience. Her dramatic abilities are not surprising.


  5. Oh the Dear Readers. If only The Pigeon could speak English, she would surely say: Thank you.

  6. Celery soup! Now there's an idea for this cold snowy weekend. Will need to spike it with some chorizo for Brilliant Husband.
    Hope the grand Pigeon is feeling better. I walked my grand-puppy during her visit over the holidays so much she developed a blister on one paw...took much love and treats to heal!


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