Thursday, 22 October 2009

The story of Eileen Younghusband

Eileen Younghusband

I am increasingly obsessed with the Second World War and the forgotten stories from it.  Noodling around on the BBC iplayer today, I found a wonderful programme about an extraordinary woman called Eileen Younghusband.  She made me feel very humble.

Do listen if you can.  The programme is available for four more days.  My usual humble apologies to those of you do not have access to the iplayer.

 BBC iPlayer - My Secret War


  1. I did listen with a glass of wine, in hand. So fascinating and she tells the stories so matter-of-factly. I think I would have been a bumbling mess shaking with fright, most of the time. xx

  2. i am going to interrupt most rudely - and I will listen to IPlayer as I think it's probably terribly interesting - and I do apologise

    Is this new? Any horse-lover/owner out there ought to be shouting about this - hopefully there are a few reading inspired by earlier posts. God but this is outrageous.

    Sorry. Please resume polite measured comments about matters far more inspiring and humbling.

  3. What a woman she is! And what a life she's had. Sometimes it makes me wonder if we are truly evolving as a species or merely descending into an apathetic, obese, 30-second attention span life form. 'Just getting on with it' should be put on the school curriculum.

  4. Eileen Younghusband has written her memoirs of WW2. The book is called One Woman's War and can be found at She also appeared on Radio Wales today (at 4pm) talking about her time in the WAAF.


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