Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Small hiatus

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Please forgive a small pause while I let you all get on with your Christmas shopping.  There are forty-four things I would like to write about, including why the Today Programme allows men from large supermarkets to use the venerable BBC airways to spout self-promoting jargon, but there is no time.  I also appear to have acquired an iphone, which of course is currently baffling me, but which, I am assured, shall transform my life into a thing of bluebirds and butterflies.  Or at least always knowing what the weather is.

I shall return in a few days when there is time to sit down and type.  In the meantime, as is now becoming traditional, I leave you with a picture:

shirt and dogs 018

Or two:

shirt and dogs 038


  1. May I recommend the Monopoly ap for the iphone, utterly wonderful and addictive.

  2. oh I love yr dogs. I quote your 'dog island' phrase continually as I too appear to be stranded there. LLGxx

  3. I got distracted by the dog pictures. So cute xx


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