Friday, 28 March 2014


So sorry there was no blog yesterday. I had a bug. Still feeling quite weak and wan so today there is just the gloriousness that is Stanley the Dog.

Yesterday, he lay sweetly with me on the bed, watching over me with his amber eyes.

Every morning, when we go for breakfast, he makes my mother smile.

He was abandoned twice, in his previous life. At some stage, something bad happened to him, I’m not quite certain what. At the beginning, any raised voice or sudden movement could send him into a funk. Even now, he still sometimes becomes a bit fretful when I shout at the racing on the television. But he has grown in confidence and self. He has a charming optimism and a morning joy. Each day, I wake up to someone who thinks that marvellous things are going to happen. Come on, he says, wagging his tail and licking my nose, let’s get at it. I find it incredibly touching that a dog who had his trust tested to the limit should decide to give it another go. He is funny and dear and gentle and athletic and I am very, very lucky to have him.

Oh, and he is also absurdly handsome. And there is the thing with the ear. The ear kills me.

28 March 1

28 March 2

28 March 3

28 March 4

As an added bonus, the daffodils are finally coming out:

28 March 5

Have a happy Friday.


  1. He is indeed so handsome - have always thought so. And that ear. Having followed along from the time of the Duchess and the Pigeon I have always felt that he was somehow provided to you at a point where you needed him the most. I recall the tentative blog post where you said, still ravaged by the loss of the others, 'I might think about getting another dog'. Wasn't that the best thing you could have done?! It was serendipity; you and Stanley. L x

  2. He is a fine dog. My dogs are my children. They are by my side 24 hours a day and give my life joy. I recently found out that Sister moans and howls when I leave the house without her. I can't bear that a dog is mistreated. They really are the best the world has to offer.

  3. Very very handsome and I do so enjoy seeing the photographs of him. Not a very horse person (sorry!) because I think of the lack of horses in this part of the world. But dogs oh yes!!!!

  4. Stanley's ears must be the softest comfort for when you're not feeling well. Hope you're better now. x

  5. oh, I love Stanley. Lovely post....and hope you are feeling better soon.


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