Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Sick leave.

So sorry about no blog yesterday. I’ve got one of those dull, non-specific, low-grade viruses, where you feel weak and swimmy and hot and cold and generally demoralised. As the regular readers know, I have a lunatic belief that I never get ill and that somehow it is a sign of weakness. If only I eat my greens and harden my will, I can escape stupid germs. What about my cherished notions of stoicism and stiff upper lip? Life is too short to give in.

However, the poor body is saying stop, stop, and the addled brain is incapable of composing a coherent sentence, so I’ll be off for a couple of days.

In the meantime, here a horse of shining sweetness:

27 Jan 1(She is delighted that I am not firing on all cylinders, since I just wobble down to give her food and love and then stump off again, and she gets to have a holiday. There are some horses who really need a job but she is not one of them. She adores mooching, and is taking the opportunity to give herself a spa day, with complete mud pack. So good for the skin. It’s going to be a lot of fun when I return to grooming.)


  1. Get well soon Tania - rest up and you will soon be firing on all cylinders again! In meantime what a fab blog post again - even when you are ill you just have it!:-)

  2. So sorry you're under the weather - hope you're soon back to normal.

  3. I hope you feel much better soon, and thank you for acknowledging odd horse pics from your sick bed - well beyond the call! If green soup palls, I find hot thai-ish (ginger, garlic and chilli in chicken stock plus chicken and green veg and noodles if you feel like it and have them) conquers bugs quite well.

  4. There IS definitely something floating around. I picked up a bug on the trans-Atlantic flight two weeks ago & am still hacking & wheezing (albeit in much warmer weather than what I left behind). In my case it seems to be a throat/ sinus thing, never dropping below my neck or the glands intermittently swelling behind my ears.

    So as one sickie to one who resists labeling herself as such, I say: TAKE IT EASY. DON'T FEEL "GUILTY". EMBRACE THE CHANGE IN YOUR RHYTHM.

    XX Pat

  5. Do hope you feel better soon. x
    (It was probably all those errands… :))

  6. Yes, I too was felled by the bug ... forgot to take my zinc tablets which usually keep me pretty resistant... hope you're feeling better. Emily's hot Thai soup sounds pretty amazing though, thanks Emily, and thanks to you for your lovely writing, Rachel

  7. Hope you feel better soon! Spent last evening out shoveling the blizzard, so am sore today myself. Surprised I'm able to walk, guess I got lucky this time!


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