Thursday, 12 February 2015


I am having the family to dinner. I hardly ever have people in the house and getting ready has taken me all day. I managed to fit in a quick ride and my HorseBack work and then that was it. The rest of the day was spent in cooking, polishing, plumping, decanting, primping, and the arranging of flowers. Because I’m self-employed, I can work on Sunday to make up for it, but really. How do those of you who do it, do it? I am in awe and wonder. And it’s only Irish stew and chocolate pots. It’s not as if I’m making Coquilles St Jacques and Boeuf en Croute. Absurd.

Today’s pictures:

Big ears:

12 Feb 1

That face is after the ride, watching me make breakfast in the shed. Slightly beady look is saying: now, make sure you mix it up right and don’t forget the Seabuckthorn and the rosehips. As if I would.

Ready house:

12 Feb 2

12 Feb 3

12 Feb 4


  1. What a beautiful table, your home always looks so inviting. Hope you've had a fabulous dinner.

    Loving your new camera pics too. :) xx

  2. Your home and table look like something out of a high end glossy magazine! (And I mean that in the most complimentary way.)

    PS Chocolate pots for dessert....say no more!!!!!

  3. Stanley clearly sees himself as the guest of honour ;-) It looks so lovely.

  4. It looks lovely, and I agree with Em, so inviting. And I love your wall paper! Stan looks even more regal than usual!

  5. I know the feeling. I can make a meal every night for the two of us in ten minutes but when it comes to company the same meal can take hours. I stress about the dirty house but who really notices and who cares. Just put some good food on the table and have some fun conversation. Your home looks beautiful by the way,


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