Tuesday, 26 May 2009

A brief adieu

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

To all the Dear Readers - Sitting in the hills of Cumbria, half way to the south, with the last gasp of internet access I shall have for I'm not quite certain how long I think I must not rudely and abruptly disappear without a Word of Warning, but send you a little so long. This is a slightly impromptu trip, and I am not quite sure how long I shall be away from home. I fear I shall have withdrawal symptoms from the blogosphere. I was becoming very excited about the comment boards had gone crazy after the madness that was Carol Sarler.

In the meantime, I hope Sarah will do a bit of posting to keep you entertained (she has a much, much busier life than I do, which is why she really only makes guest appearances) and please have a lovely browse through the archives.

Think of me on the road with two sleek black dogs lying on their black sheepskin rug in the back of a black car. Sadly a few scratches and an incipient attack of rust prevent the car from being quite as elegant as the dogs. But even so. I am thinking of dying my hair black just to fit in.

Missing you all, but I shall be back before you know it. Taniaxx

Oh, my last dying gasp before I sign off - Breaking news is that Simon Heffer will stand against his local MP. SIMON HEFFER!!!!!!!! And you know I never use exclamation marks (with apologies to Cassandra Castle). But - SIMON HEFFER!!!! I do think that more very, very angry middle-aged men is just exactly what our great democracy needs. No really, the crosser the better. Let's have P Hitchens for Chancellor and J Clarkson for Foreign Secretary. And then watch Mr Heffer lead us to victory.

Can't believe I am ending this on a note of ranting sarcasm. It was supposed to be all bluebirds and cherry blossom. Never watch BBC 24 whilst blogging, is my advice. Really am stopping now.


  1. Hope everything is OK, you have been on my mind today. Will be thinking of you and we'll miss you on the 'sphere. Maybe by the time you get back I will have FINALLY written about my obsessions. Safe travels. xox C

  2. Hope you bave a good trip and everything is ok. We'll miss you. Hurry back. x

  3. You'll be finding yourself a cyber cafe for a sneaky Tweet. Or at least I hope you will...

  4. we miss you. hope all is well x


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