Sunday, 3 May 2009

The saga of the pig in the garden

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Just as I was pondering what I should cook for lunch, Virginia the pig arrived in the garden, presumably fretful about swine flu and what is happening to her poor Mexican cousins.

I cunningly distract her with carrots until help may arrive.

Is someone there?

Now she's off to find out who it is. Nothing gets past Virginia.

Lovely Matt bravely takes her home, followed at a safe distance by his faithful hound.

And so ends the excessively diverting (for me, anyway) story of the pig in the garden.

Next week: the cat in the hat.


  1. Is that your house? It is bloody GORGEOUS!!! Sorry to be so superficial. Love the pig too, of course.

  2. I wouldn't mind a pig in the garden. We just get the pheasants who managed to escape being blasted out of the sky before being chucked into the nearest landfill during last season's shoot up at the Big House.

  3. Cassandra - never, ever superficial. Actually, that is my garden shed. (The Scots build a very superior sort of shed.) That is the view from my front door. The house is slightly bigger but in the same style and in the same enchanting granite. I do love it.

  4. 60goingon16 - Landfill is scandalous. Do they not give them to people to eat?

    I have one visiting pheasant. He is a very fine fat fellow who mostly likes examining his splendid reflection in any window he can find.

  5. Ahhh! Such a cute pig. I can say I have never had a pig wander into my garden! Cats, dogs, raccoons...but never a pig!

  6. This is a SHED??? Can I come and live in the shed, please? Superior it is, no kidding...

  7. Oh, oh, oh, completely heavenly wonderful Virginia! As a lifelong pig-lover, the thought of having someone like her in my life could even make me reconsider my dream of wealth (mega-film deal, sugar daddy), which is a penthouse in the middle of London.

  8. ModernMom - very impressed that you get racoons though. None of those in northern Scotland, I can tell you.

    Metropolitan Mum - shall I tell you one more magic thing about the heavenly shed? Every year, a pair of swallows come and nest in it. I leave the door open for them. I am watching for them to arrive now. The swifts are here, so the swallows shall come soon after.

    Emmadarwin - she is the most splendid creature, isn't she? She produces the most marvellous piglets. We are looking for a new husband for her as we speak. Last time she had a rare breed with curly red hair (can't remember the name) and produced bright chestnut babies. This time, we think we shall return to the glory of the Gloucester Old Spot, which is what she is, with a tiny bit of wild boar thrown in, which is what gives her her untamed temperament - she would knock you over as soon as look at you. I rather love that in her; she is not some mimsy domestic animal, but a true feral creature.


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