Thursday, 6 August 2009

A quick thought

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

I want to apologise for the blog being a little spotty over the last week or so. There have been deadlines to meet and miles to go before I sleep; and despite my enduring battle against the evils of perfectionism (there is a staunch section on this peril in Backwards, every word of which Sarah and I stand by) I still have a stupid reluctance to knock something off just for the sake of it and post it here. I want always to give you good thought, polished prose, or at the very least a diverting picture of a pig. All of which means that occasionally the week's content is a little more slender than I would like.

This week, I have one of my oldest and dearest friends and her two tiny children to stay, all the way from California. Hostessly duties, compulsive chatting, and the making of the soda bread for breakfast have kept me from giving my full attention to the blog, and I have ruthlessly deserted Twitter altogether. But here is one of the miracles of the blogosphere - and you know that is a subject to which I return over and over - is that while I have been only semi-present, you have magnificently filled the breach. I direct all my dear readers to the comments below the last two posts, where a great amount of stimulating opinion, fervent discussion and illuminating facts I did not know have been posted. It is as if you have been doing my work for me, filling in with the meaty stuff while I take a tiny sabbatical. So I thank you all, and especially send out thanks to exromana who always guides me into new areas about which I do not know enough.


  1. I am very excited that i am finally back online and able to read you again - HURRAH!!! Cxxx

  2. Wonderful articles as always... though I must admit I did get a little excited over the prospect of an entertaining pig picture!

  3. dear tania, you are very kind, i appreciate the mention very much. i really enjoy reading your blog, it inspires me in many ways, on topics that i have always loved. i am grateful to Twitter for having put me in touch with clever and witty girls like you. look forward to lots more banter. xo exromana

  4. Cassandra - have been meaning to say: Welcome back. Always so lovely to have you.

    Mystery - there is a pig picture if you scroll back to older posts. Stupidly did not put an index link to it. Might have to re-post for your pleasure.

    Exromana - how very kind YOU are. Am ducking my head shyly at such heavenly compliments. Also very good as inspiration to keep me bashing on with this thing.


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