Thursday, 20 August 2009

Terrible admission

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Having gone all poncy about the loveliness of Twitter and the idiocy of those who bash it all the time, I must make full disclosure. I rather pompously said in my last post that I try NOT to write about my own life but endeavour to provide Tweets of general interest. Having checked my Twitter feed, I see that I talk about myself all the time - my dogs, my swallows, my pea soup, my rare moments of Scottish sunshine. Oh, the fantasies we entertain about our own actions. So I give you full mea culpa. I still maintain my central point: no one has to read it. If I go on like this, nobody will.

And now, my dear old things, I am returning to the cricket. If Twitter is good enough for Aggers, it is good enough for me.


  1. A keep on Tweeting girl. About you, about life or dogs and Bonny Scotland those who are interested will read those who are not will have read it and then moan just because they havent anything original to say

  2. Pea soup far far more interesting than a lot of the tripe I find myself reading, particularly if it concludes "..ask me how!!!!" with a website. Also refreshing to read Tweets by somebody who isn't using genitalia as their profile picture.

  3. Wildernesschic - what lovely encouragement, thank you.

    LucyFishwife - Ask me how is an abomination, I so agree. Very pleased you like the pea soup and appreciate my considered decision NOT to use genitalia photograph.

  4. Scottish sunshine IS worth tweeting about. :)

  5. Everytime one feels self-conscious about twittering, it is good to remember that people really don't have to read anything they don't want to.

    One of my closest friends in real life is very politically active and live-tweeted a conference last weekend with literally a tweet a minute. I was so exasperated that I unfollowed her, just for the duration of the conference. On Monday, we were all happy families again!

    It's all part of the elliptical pipeline (I stole that from someone on Twitter, can't remember who!) :-)

    xx Miss W xx

  6. Keep tweeting. Definitely. On anything. And everything. When you were having your administratively-challenging moments this week, I was getting ready for the accountant. And desperately hunting for essential paperwork that was not appearing, as if by magic. No time to tweet back - I just happened to have that page open, honest - but there was comfort in knowing that others were feeling frustrated.

    Is that schadenfreude? I do hope not. There really was no delight in others' "suffering" - just consolation for not feeling so alone when facing paper mountain.

    So, yes, yes, yes to continued twitter action.



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