Saturday, 5 February 2011

Bonus Post

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

In honour of Save the Libraries Day, here is an excellent and interesting article by Terence Blacker in The Independent:

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6th Feb 21


  1. Great companion piece to Philip Pullman's fantastic defence of libraries which I am sure you have seen.

  2. I miss the hill...! Just kidding Tania - tomorrow is another day. Lou x

  3. Betty M - did not see the P Pullman piece, so thank you so much for pointing me towards it.

    Lou - that makes me laugh a lot. Oh oh my hill angst.

  4. I had not seen the Pullman either- I will read now- thank Betty and Tania.

    I also think Yann Martel sounds marvellous and I feel his frustration.

    I don't want to moan, I want to be constructive, but really do I now live in a country where we remove the ability of people who can't buy books to borrow them? really? To save what? bankers bonuses I think, the status quo.

    I had books when I was little, I was lucky- but I didn't have all the ones I wanted and the point of a library is to borrow books you aren't sure you want to read- or reference books.

    I did a GCSE in textiles on top of my 'proper' ones- which I adored. All the books I used for that were from the local library- we didn't have books about the new look or design at my state school and my parents couldn't justify buying expensive hard back books for that gcse when I was doing lots of other subjects that were more 'important'- but the library stepped in and I got an a star.


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