Monday, 21 March 2011

Bonus Post

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Some quick pictures for you. The camera was charging before, which is why the wedding story had no photographs. It is such a pretty day that I had to give you a visual.

Amazing things have happened in my garden in the week I was in the south.

The hellebores, tentative before, are now in full fig:

21st March 2

There are crocuses a go-go:

21st March 3

21st March 12-1

The ones are quite new. I can't quite capture their true colour; they are rather more purple than this in life:

21st March 13

The dear snowdrops are still going:

21st March 7

My little box plants are starting to realise winter might be over:

21st March 4

The viburnum and the salix still delight:

21st March 12

21st March 10

The awful thing is I can't remember what this plant is, but just LOOK at what it is doing:

21st March 11

I don't recall seeing those little furry buds before, and I actually exclaimed out loud when I saw them.

The colours were quite outrageous today:

21st March 5

21st March 6

It amazes me how the light changes with each aspect. The top picture was taken looking due south; the second one gazing to the west. It's almost as if they were two different places. If anyone ever asked why I choose to live in Scotland, I would show them those photographs and say: that is why.

And on matters of outrageous beauty, just look at my Posy Posingtons:

21st March 9

21st March 14

Not bad for two old ladies.

This sums up the difference between my dogs, in one telling shot. Here is the Duchess, elegant, pensive, dreaming of Chatsworth, and there is the Pigeon, who has no use for stately homes, but only cares that she has a great big stick to chew on:

21st March 1

The hill:

21st March 15


  1. The furry things are a kind of sallow. We call them "kitties" here.

  2. Beautiful pictures. I'm going to enjoy your spring as our summer ends.
    The girls look happy to be home.

  3. Petal, it's 'pussy willow' :) so glad to have you back by the way, and I loved the wedding story - what a perfect surprise!

  4. Hellebores (at the risk of sounding like I live in Southern California) rock. Gosh, how your flora & fauna pics cheer me every day.


  5. Sabina & Stripeycat - thank you so much for horticultural knowledge. :)

    Em - the girls ARE happy to be home. They are definitely getting quite old and grumpy for travelling.

    Miss W - love the idea of the hellebores rocking. x


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