Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sunday photographs

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Dazzling sun today. My sister and I took the whole pack for a walk:

6th March 10



6th March 3

6th March 4

6th March 5

6th March 6

6th March 11

6th March 8

6th March 9

6th March 7


  1. Hi Tania - I've been awarded 'The Stylish Bloggers Award' - which is lovely but astonishing (particularly the 'stylish' bit. Anyway - I now have to pass on the award to other worthy recipients - and I'd like you to have one. If you choose to accept - you have to write seven things about yourself (in your blog) and then pass the award on to other bloggers. (I think you're supposed to pass it on to 7 - I've stopped at 5)

  2. GillyF - congratulations on your award and thank you so much for passing it on to me. I am most honoured, and accept with thanks.

  3. Lovely photo's....I adore snowdrops and I too was snapping blossom, although mine didn't come out too well!
    I am late to hear about dear Duchess and her heart troubles, how is she doing? We had a recent scare with dear Edwyn. I thought we were making a fuss, but it was a very good job we took him to the vets as early as we did. All I can say is beware corn on the cob!
    I am now paranoid about all manner of possible obstructions after quizzing our (excellent) vet.
    All is well now, thankfully (and after an operation) but I can very much empathise with such an anxious and worrying time. I do hope the Duchess continues to do well on her medication and that she is enjoying the spring sniffs and smells and taking things a bit easier.....for your sake as much as hers!

  4. EdwynUK - so lovely to hear from you and I am glad Edwyn is recovered. My lovely Duchess is responding well to medication, and even though we know her dear old heart may not last very much longer, I am encouraged by her general demeanour and determined to find every way to give her as long a life as possible. Thanks so much for asking. :)


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