Thursday, 23 February 2012

In which I bribe you with dog pictures

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Out in the world, there are Events. Inside my head, there is the swooshing sound of white noise as my last remaining brain cell flies out of my left ear.

Luckily, the Three-Year-Old has some words of wisdom for you.

As I was sitting vacantly in front of the computer, staring fruitlessly at the screen, my command of the English language fled for the hills, she put her head on one side and said:


‘Yes?’ I said, looking up, glad of the diversion.

‘Some people,' she said, seriously, 'don’t know what they are doing. And some people do not know where they are going.’

I was slightly taken aback. I paused, unsure of the correct response.

‘That is very true and wise,’ I said.

She nodded, and went back to what she was doing. She was perfectly grave. I thought I heard the bat squeak of consolation in her voice, as if she was implying that I was not alone. As if she understood.

That’s all I have for you, I am afraid. I know I always bash on about how I am going to give you pith, usually after some lunatic rambling post that goes on for 1400 words. Then, when there is pith, I hear the show tune fire up in my head: Peggy Lee in her prime, her voice like smoke and silver, singing, ‘Is that all there is?

That is, in fact, all there is.

There shall be more tomorrow, when I have reclaimed some of my faculties. In the meantime, I bribe you with dog pictures.

It’s worth a shot:

23 Feb 1  29-06-2011 12-42-56

23 Feb 2 03-02-2012 11-18-53

23 Feb 3 01-02-2012 16-15-32

23 Feb 4 16-02-2012 13-21-43.ORF

That Pigeon really should be on commission. She should have her own agent, by now.


  1. I'm surprised The Pigeon gets out of bed for less than $10,000 a day. :)

    1. Em - that has really made me laugh a lot. :)

  2. I'll represent her, what a perfect client she'll be. x

    1. So Lovely - you know, I do think she would never indulge in any diva-ish behaviour and always put her best paw forward. :) :)

  3. When my daughter was small, perhaps more like six or seven than your little cousin's wonderful three, she said I hadn't to worry about her as "I still have my wisety". Wisety was her DIY word for what I took to mean native wisdom, the steady-gazed sagacity that all newborns have in spades, like little buddhas, but which gradually ebbs away from humans as they grow. My daughter (her name is Harriet, if I tell you her name I shall seem less proprietorial about her, which I bloody well should be as she's 31 now) had a lot of wisety. She said at the time that most grown-ups don't listen enough, or try to argue chiildren out of this natural state of just knowing stuff. We even have the nerve to think we need to teach them everything. Well done, Tania, for listening, and even more so for recording the words of your pint-sized philosopher. It has taken me back a good few years...

  4. I love the way you write and my 6 year old cousin is exactly the same. Every now and again she comes out with these odd little sayings that could have come from a much older person. This is a lovely post and those dog photos are stunning! xxx

  5. The Pigeon does need an agent---but so does the Three-Year-Old. ;-)


  6. You can always bribe us with dog pictures!

  7. Two thoughts: Out of the mouths of babes...
    Pigeon makes me think of Van Morrison's "Brown-eyed Girl".

  8. Sounds like the child is channeling a higher power.

  9. A lovely bribe Tania...the last picture of your dog is absolutely gorgeous...from one dog lover to another ;)

  10. Some children ARE very old people, inside.

    Peggy Lee's silver and smoke notwithstanding, that song makes me want to jump off a bridge. Right along with "Send in the Clowns" and most of Carly Simon's songs.

    Make that all of Carly Simon's songs.

  11. That girl will go far, wise words indeed.


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