Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunday arrival

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Two hundred and fifty miles went in a flash. The dawn over the Cumbrian hills was lucent and lambent and luminous and lustrous, and all the words beginning with L. It made me stare in wonder.

I am now at the house with all the cousins. One is playing the harmonica, one is doing a special dance, one is typing, one is watching me do this. Oh, and now there is singing too, along to the Old Crow Medicine Band. The godson has been doing creative things whilst I was away. He shows me. I am impressed.

I am too tired from the road to write much, but I always feel very lucky to come back to such a happy house. It is not sticky, treacly, perfect, Waltons happy. It is muddly, funny, unexpected, human happy.

I just really, really like a house where people sing at tea-time.


This is where I am.

Evening sky:

19 Feb 1 19-02-2012 18-07-57

19 Feb 2 19-02-2012 18-07-48

My favourite tree:

19 Feb 3 19-02-2012 18-08-00


19 Feb 4 19-02-2012 18-09-47

Spring in a pot:

19 Feb 6 19-02-2012 18-10-25

The Pigeon with her southern friend, sitting guard:

19 Feb 9 19-02-2012 18-09-07

19 Feb 10 19-02-2012 18-09-15

19 Feb 10 19-02-2012 18-09-34

And the middle cousin, with her dog:

19 Feb 9 19-02-2012 18-13-53


  1. I must's quite touching seeing the Pidge as a duo again...bittersweet. Enjoy your time there, Lou x

  2. Stockingfooted, with dog. Of course they sing at tea-time. Have a good visit.

  3. Good heavens, it looks so peaceful. Have a wonderful time.

    Is The Pigeon's friend a fella? Because he(?) sure looks noble, and they make a handsome pair. If not, then, they're so pretty . . . ;-) Either way, glad she has someone with whom to speak canine.


  4. Beautiful pictures and enjoyed the pictures of Pigeon with a pal. They are looking rather noble if I say so. Have a great time. ~Tammy

  5. So that is a willow! this is becoming very very educational! and the dogs are absolutely gorgeous.

  6. Both cousin and dog appear to be wearing "socks"...

  7. Lovely photos - glad you arrived safe, to a happy home.

  8. Welcome to the South... lovely to know you and the Pigeon are not so far away... she looks very settled and relaxed in the company of her cousin (cousin or cousinne?)...

    Look forward to see more of the Spring down here from your eyes - Enjoy your stay!

  9. Such lovely comments, thank you. Today has got entirely away from me, so no time to reply to each individually. But I LOVED them.


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