Saturday, 26 May 2012

No blog

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

It’s the most enchanted evening; sun pouring down like honey, pigeons cooing in the woods. But I am afflicted with sudden melancholy. Happens sometimes. Deadline stress has me in its crocodile jaws and I suddenly really, really miss my dad. The mare was grumpy today, annoyed by the flies, and inadvertently whacked me on the jaw with her head, so that I reeled back like an old boxer. I feel battered physically, and mentally.

I say to myself, as I always do: every day can’t be Doris Day.

Better tomorrow.

And when there is a face like this upon which to gaze, it can’t be all bad:

26th May 1


  1. That face is just bliss.:)

  2. Here's something invented for days that beg to just be gently shown the door as darkness falls. Gets to the heart of the matter, for me anyway.

    1. Amazing. Thank you.


  3. Love that, every day can't be Doris Day..hope tomorrow feels better for you.

  4. No day is really a bad day when you have the Pigeon and Red. And the greatest thing about deadlines is that eventually they go away. Guaranteed.


  5. Sending you cheerful thoughts, and I am absolutely going to steal that saying... thanks!

  6. My friend Chris posted a wonderful Facebook comment a while back after a particularly unpleasant day: she said she was going to "slip into something comfortable and await the arrival of tomorrow." And the Doris Day comment is sublime.


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