Sunday, 27 May 2012

Bashing on

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

The stressometer hovers at Mach Ten. I continue in a fairly filthy temper, not helped by some stupid and disastrous bets at the Curragh. An hour of racing was supposed to be my afternoon treat; instead I felt like an absolute idiot as I watched my hot things go backwards. I even decided the weather was a bore; all this blasting sun, and what about my poor hot horse?

The animals took it upon themselves to cheer me up. In the gold of the evening, the Pigeon put on such a display of virtuoso ball action that I had to clap and laugh. She looked so happy and eager and pleased with herself.

Up at Red’s field, the pony was friendly and funny, the chickens were beautiful and busy, the swallows were sweeping low over the paddock, and her ladyship herself put up her head and trotted to the gate, with her ears pricked.

She never does this. She is so damn posh that she stands, very elegantly and politely, until I deign to come to her, even if I have to walk all the way across to the north wood. Yesterday, she was grumpy as fuck. This evening, it was as if she had decided to make it all up to me. (I know I keep writing about how she is imparting wisdom and great life lessons, and she is, but when I am sad I lose all perspective, and then of course I do take it personally, and think she is bored to hell of me and just wants to go back to The Auld Fella in the south.)

But then she came all the way from the absolute farthest corner of the field, starting to move the moment she heard the car, and lifting her head and swinging her hips with every appearance of delight.

I felt elation fill me like helium. She stood like a statue whilst I gave her a huge brush, to get the flies and the heat off her, and she gave me her head to scratch, and I gave her carrots and love, and everything, for that half hour, was entirely perfect and lovely and all right.

So on we all bash, our funny little ménage, despite everything. On we bloody well bash.


This evening’s pictures:

27 May 1

27 May 2

27 may 3

27 May 4

27 May 4-001

27 May 5

27 May 6

The Duchess’s tree:

27 May 8-001

The pretty chickens:

27 May 8

Myfanwy the Pony:


Red, doing her dear old donkey amble:

27 May 10

From another angle, with the evening sun full on her, this is the colour she goes, living up to her name:

27 May 9

27 May 9-001

Red’s view:

27 May 11

And my little ball champion:

27 May 12

27 May 13

27 May 14


27 May 15


  1. Thank you for the hens! I love the hens!

  2. That is one happy, fulfilled dog!

  3. Keep on buggering on, Tania. You can't be in the Deadline Depths forever. Eventually you will crawl out of your redrafting trench to find the war's over and everyone's gone home.

    But don't wish our sun away, PLEASE...

  4. laughed out loud at "on we bloody well bash" - struck a huge chord!

  5. Keep on. Hope its better today. Its 5 pm and am exhausted. Long day.

  6. So, so stylish darling! what do u say about following each others blog? kisses


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