Saturday, 6 October 2012

Saturday in brief

Lovely day. Sun shone; the herd gambolled; all my bets bolted up at the races. Red and I had a pretty wild ride through the stubble, which is where I am convinced she is convinced the mountain lions live. There was one spectacular wig-out. At this point, I always have a choice: take her back to the quiet paddock for schooling, or press on.

I pressed on. Two more laps of the golden fields, and I had convinced her that I was damn well on predator alert and nothing was going to come and get her. In return, she consented to walk calmly on a loose rein. We did one floating half-speed gallop up the hill, and then I mooched her home. It’s vulgar to say so, but I felt incredibly proud of us both. We faced down those mountain lions, even though they only exist in our heads.

Then the darling filly Mince put her brave head in front in the 3.05 and poor William Hill got such a shock from my enormous bet that its website stopped working. Mince has lately been breaking track records for fun. Today, she was on ground softer than she liked and she had to dig deep. It’s always a lovely sight to watch the really classy fillies show they have guts and heart as well as talent. So now my throat is hoarse from shouting and The Pigeon is exhausted from leaping up and down like a cartoon dog, which is what she does in a close finish.

Here are the pictures of the day:


6 Oct 16 Oct 2

6 Oct 4

6 Oct 6

6 Oct 8

6 Oct 9-001

Red’s View:

6 Oct 9

The little herd:

6 Oct 10

6 Oct 11

6 Oct 11-001

6 Oct 12

Red doing Minnie the Moocher, just as if she had never freaked out in a stubble field in her life:

6 Oct 14

Pigeon, doing her dignity on the monument face:

6 Oct 16

Hill, with added sheep:

6 Oct 20


  1. Dear Tania,

    That sounds like a lovely day.

    I was just wondering if occasionally you could put some details with your beautiful photos as to the lens and settings used?

    Your photos bring me such joy and have inspired me to improve my phtotgraphy skills, which at present are non existent.

    Wishing you a happy week ahead,
    Jules in Snowdonia

  2. Apologies for the poor spelling

  3. I wonder if field stubble pokes her in the frogs and makes her antsy... is that possible?

  4. Oh those trees. Just back from the Forest of Dean and I'm all about the foliage.

  5. I've meant to say before now: I love your trees almost as much as the hens.

  6. You know your photographs take me away. That first one today! I wish I could go back and see it as I did at first - nonrepresentational - color, form, texture. It's still wonderful now, though I see it is a photograph of a tree in a landscape.

    Blessings on your herd.

  7. Gosh, those tree pics really are something else. Quite, quite gorgeous.

  8. Your trees are absolutely magnificent.


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