Thursday, 16 May 2013

A good day.

It’s at the stage where all I can resort to is telegraphese.

Love, family, canine sweetness, interesting people, perspective police.

HorseBack work, blinding Scottish sunshine, a To Do List without end.

Old friends, writing, achievement.

Red the Mare, weaving in and out of slalom poles in nothing more than a rope halter, cantering around the field so balanced and relaxed she could have been a dressage horse. ‘That’s a thoroughbred ex-RACEHORSE,’ exclaims the Remarkable Trainer in delight. A small admiration society gathers, with me as founder member. Oh, oh, oh, the love.

Also, there was kindness, good sense, a dash of geo-politics, and a flying visit from The Perspective Police.

Which adds up, I think, to A Good Day.

Some quick pictures:


16 May 1 16-05-2013 10-13-26

16 May 2 16-05-2013 10-33-04

16 May 3 14-05-2013 11-39-25


16 May 3 14-05-2013 11-47-54

16 May 5 14-05-2013 11-48-00

16 May 7 14-05-2013 11-49-08

16 May 8 14-05-2013 11-49-13

16 May 10 13-05-2013 13-38-33

16 May 14 13-05-2013 15-30-04

16 May 15 13-05-2013 15-34-30

16 May 17 13-05-2013 15-37-14

Those are his most serious, every good boy deserves a biscuit eyes.

He got a biscuit.


  1. Your beautiful grape hyacinths have just reminded me that I planted some bulbs in a new bed last autumn and haven't spotted any flowers on them yet. Tomorrow, between showers, I shall go out and look...

  2. I'm glad you gave him a biscuit. My fingers were poised to type "I hope he got a biscuit". 8-)


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