Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The point

No time for anything, as I’ve been working all day and running around and doing my horse and talking to interesting people and now, for once in my life, I actually have a social engagement and must put my lipstick on.

But there are days, in the cliché of middle age, when I wonder what the point of it all is. More in a musing, quizzical way than a bleak, Dostoevskian way.  Sometimes I know, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I have to guess. Sometimes I think it is the look on Red the Mare’s face when she sees me coming. Sometimes I think it is love and trees. Sometimes, it is what will win the 5.30 at Chepstow. (In this case, a very well-named colt called Fast.)

Today, it was this:

14 May 1 14-05-2013 11-39-53

14 May 2 14-05-2013 11-39-20

This is a Para. He told me this morning, with generous, humorous honesty, about his crashing PTSD. He told me that when he arrived on Monday he was afraid of horses. Now he is doing this with Archie.

That is the point.


  1. One (not necessarily THE) point, I'm sure, is to notice things like this...in the middle of all the running & rushing to witness a quiet intimate moment like this one. Beautiful!

  2. oh my, don't picutes often trump words for their startling clarity and completeness?!

  3. also, v impressed with the chinese characters (even more if someone can translate), terribly international!

  4. some come home intact, many come home in pieces and many of us leave our heart on the battlefield. never to be recovered....u know who.

  5. Love the way the head of the horse gently rests on top of the belly. That is how it looks to me it looks like trust and love.

  6. Horses are magic - and they find the magic hidden in the human heart and draw it out, without words.


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