Monday, 8 July 2013

Awesome Spirit: welcome to the world.

I was going to give you a whole thing on Andy Murray, and Britishness and Scottishness, and snobbery and glory and shining sporting pinnacles, and all sorts.

Then it turned into a crazed work day and the hours tumbled past my ears until there were none left.

All the same, I might have made it, but I started late, and that is because, at 5am, this happened:

8 July 1 08-07-2013 08-48-43

8 July 2 08-07-2013 09-03-16

8 July 3 08-07-2013 09-03-45

8 July H16 08-07-2013 09-07-007

She is a little filly, and she was born at HorseBack UK in the dawn hours, and she is called Awesome Spirit, in honour of a very remarkable and much-missed man.

You can see why if you click here:

There really will be normal service tomorrow.


  1. Astonishing. She already looks so strong - and so big!

  2. This is lovely. Look how strong her legs are, even if a little wobbly.


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