Wednesday, 3 July 2013

An easy choice.

Insanely busy and productive day. Without at all meaning to, I ran away with the smoothing iron and wrote 2299 words of book. This is far too much, but when the muse is kind I do not look her in the mouth. There was good HorseBack UK work; even some admin, which is usually my utter downfall.

Then I had a choice to make. Sometimes I hate choices. Why can’t I do everything, have everything, be everything, wails the ghastly childish voice in my head. Sometimes I like choices, because they show me what is important. Today, I could do a proper blog, or do a favour for a friend. It was not an effortful favour, but it was time-consuming. It required some care and thought. But it was all about the things I like to write about here: the human heart, the small things, the lovely equines and why we love them so. In the end, it was a really easy decision.

So, back to normal tomorrow.

In the meantime, here is Mr Stanley looking bloody handsome:


And a picture I took this morning of two very dear people who are just starting on their great journey together:

J20 03-07-2013 10-44-07


  1. Stanley's ears!
    Love them x

  2. I loved Stanley's ears as well -

    And this most definitely was a proper blog, thank you very much :)

    Cheers to Independence, whereever we may find it!


  3. Your dog looks like Rufus Sewell.


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