Friday, 17 January 2014

Experience the rain.

I heard a lovely piece of wisdom today. It went: experience the rain, don’t wish it away.

Since it has been pouring all morning, and I have been stumping about grumpily in my muddy boots and my special hat, this spoke to me, both literally and metaphorically. And now the sun has come out and I’m rushing to get work done so I can dash down to the field and take the red mare out for half an hour. A day not spent on her back is a day wasted.


Only one picture today. I love that this one is very, very slightly out of focus, since it gives her an old-fashioned, out of time look:

17 Jan 1

1 comment:

  1. This slightly out of focus photo of Red looks like a pastel drawing.

    Was it just coincidence that the "prove you're not a bot" code words were icy-something and gale?!? Or are they plugged into your weather system?


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