Friday, 24 January 2014

Hardly a single thought left in my head. Or, a good week.

I wanted to write you a huge, diverting, positively blowsy blog today, because you have been so lovely and the week has been so good. I had thoughts about everything, including the human search for meaning. (Come on, you know you long for a winding tangent on that subject.)

But I’m knackered, and my fingers can hardly move, and my brain has shut up shop.

I wrote 1514 words, had the lightest, most dreamy ride on my red mare, backed a nice winner, had two conversations which made my mind dance, and started to get wildly excited about the return tomorrow of Big Buck’s.

I wanted to examine why this week has been so good, in case I could draw life lessons from it. You know how I crave a life lesson.

But there is no more thought left in me. All I can say is: everyone was lovely, everything was interesting, many things were funny, the canine was enchanting, the red mare rose to new heights of gloriousness, my heart burst with love, and even though I am a bit of an idiot, I’m not quite as much of an idiot as I at first feared.

I’ve been thinking about what is the most important thing, even though I’m not sure there is a most important thing. Different things assume different importance on different days. It’s like choosing your favourite album. It’s impossible. But if I had to choose, I would say: have passions.

Be passionate, and do things with your whole heart.

I think that is what is most important.

I have no energy left for going through the pictures now. You know what this means. Oh yes. An archive shot of what Charlie Rich would call the most beautiful girl in the world.

24 Jan 4

And actually, there is just enough life in me left for one more, of Red with her sweet Paint friend. This is what they look like in the mornings, when we let them out to mooch around in the set-aside. It’s one of my favourite sights in the world:

24 Jan 2

One of the things I believe in most is letting horses be horses. It sounds shatteringly obvious, but you would be amazed how many people don’t give that idea much weight. I love this because it is one of the times when they are absolutely at their most easy, natural, horsey selves.

Have a delightful rest of Friday, and a lovely weekend. Your comments this week have been stellar. They have made me smile and laugh and think.

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