Friday, 25 April 2014

Different kinds of photographs.

I do not necessarily think of myself as a tremendous grafter, but I must admit that this week I have worked my arse off. Red mare, secret book project and HorseBack: all got hours of my time, every inch of my brain, and every ounce of my effort. I did rather yearn to take a day off and go to Perth to see the races, but I doggedly stuck to my desk, and I do feel an exhausted sense of achievement. Even with the help of my trusty iron tonic, I am shattered.

As a result of all this frenzied activity, I’m afraid I have rather neglected the blogging, which has been spotty, to say the least. Even as I write this, my gnarled fingers stutter and fail over the keyboard.

So today I’m doing something I never do, which is giving you a link to another area of my work. As some of you know, I run the Facebook page for HorseBack UK, and take all their pictures and write all their prose. I’ve been madly organising the photographic archive this week, which has almost finished me off as I have a very trigger-happy shutter finger, and there are so many magical moments to record, and as a result a stupid number of snaps to edit and collate.

I gathered together a huge selection of HorseBack photographs today, and I wanted to show them to you. My photography skills are very amateur, in all senses of the word, although the root I like to emphasise is the Latin for love. These pictures are not the most technically accomplished you will ever see. But I do feel quite proud that in some of them I managed, more by luck than judgement, to capture some moments between humans and horses that make me smile and smile and smile.

Have a happy Friday, my darlings. And, as always, thank you for bearing with me.

Here is the link:

One quick, illustrative picture for you.

The amazing woman on the left is a military nurse. She has seen service everywhere from the first Gulf War to Bosnia to Afghanistan. I have not enough hats to take off. The lovely faces with her are two of the sweetest of the HorseBack mares. There is something in this photograph that almost breaks my heart.

25 April 1-001


  1. Gnarled fingers? Surely not....

  2. Am loving your Facebook posts and not surprised you've got gnarled fingers. You put an enormous effort over there too. Hope you've had a restful weekend! xx


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