Thursday, 24 April 2014


A galvanic work day. I wrote hundreds of words. I edited tens of pages. I can see a little horizon of hope. There is so far to go and the resolution is so uncertain, but still, one must keep buggering on and this was splendid buggering.

My brain has, however, had it.

There is a faint snapping sizzle as it short-circuits.

Here are some randomly chosen pictures from the archive instead of words. I’m all out of words. We sold right out.

24 April 2

24 April 3

24 April 4

24 April 6

24 April 8

24 April 8-001

24 April 9

24 April 10

24 April 14

24 April 28

24 April 31

24 April 33

9 Oct 17


  1. Love the two chestnut faces - still miss Myfanwy, but these two seem such special friends. Red sure lucked out when she met you.

    My apologies for using your comments section to do this, but having no other way -- I thought you might enjoy this. It is about an old steeplechaser, and it reminded me of you, not in the evocative writing, but in the horsemanship and sensitivity.


  2. That muzzle looks velvety soft....

  3. Thank you for a reminder of how beautiful horse noses are!


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