Thursday, 28 August 2014

No blog today.

So sorry. Too much work and an airport run.

Just time for a picture of my two beloveds:

28 Aug 1

I am becoming very hippy-ish in my old age. Soon I shall wear flowers in my hair. Today, I thought: really the answer to everything is love. Love, and be kind, but mostly love.

And not to be loved, although that is enchanting, but to love. Not in a cheap, ersatz, sentimental way. In a tough, robust, getting on with it sort of way. More actions than words; more reality than flowers.

I’m not sure where this thought came from, but it seemed very certain and sure.

Tomorrow, I expect I shall have changed my mind.

But for today: it is love.

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  1. Love that you are flexible, in that tomorrow you may change your mind. I do that often too, but my husband thinks I am fickle for that.


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