Tuesday, 26 August 2014

A day in brief.

1637 words of book written. Twenty pages edited.

Hats in the air work with the red mare. Important trailer practice. She self-loaded. (She is so clever that I need new words for clever.) Then: a canter out in the hayfields of perfect lightness and containment, as if she were channelling her inner dressage diva. And to finish: a sweet slow ride with her little Paint friend. My heart filled to overflowing.

Try not to think of the awful shoutiness of last night’s debate on Scottish independence. You know that I have a strict rule on this blog about ad hominem. But the tutting old great-aunt in me said: that Mr Salmond really should learn some manners. (Am clearly in a minority in this, since everyone else said he won, hands down. Cross aunt says: by yelling?)

HorseBack UK work. Quite pleased with the pictures from Blair.

A dream of more time. Always, always, more time.

But Stanley the Dog is sweet and funny and makes my mother smile at breakfast, which is always a shining and good thing.

Wonder where to buy jump-leads.

Think of books I have to read and things I must look up.

Faint sense of relief that it is very average racing today, so I do not need to have a bet. The memory of dear Beacon Lady from yesterday sustains me.

Feel faintly guilty that this blog is written in cheap and intermittent telegraphese. Have I no deep thoughts for you?

Must make soup.

Sometimes I think the story of my life is: must make soup.

Suppose it could be a worse story.


No time for the camera today, so here is a quick blue hill and a beautiful red girl:

26 Aug 1

26 Aug 2


  1. I'd hate to think any not-quite-sure Scotland residents were swayed by an exhibition of bullying and hectoring into voting yes on 18 September. There might be many reasons for voting yes, but that display last night night was not one of them.

  2. Oh the shouting and the wagging of fingers. It was a most unbecoming display from both of them. I'm almost glad I have no vote, although I was pleased to hear AS come very close to admitting that he can't say what plan B on the currency is because it will all be subject to negotiation.

  3. Turned my back on the TV & tried (mightily) to turn a deaf ear to the so-called "debate". I am SO tired of people yelling over people. And, of course, NOT answering the questions put to them.....


    2. Jump-leads on www.equestrian.com


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