Thursday, 5 March 2015

Pictures only today.

I have a very happy story to tell you, but I’m off on the road tomorrow and am rushing about getting ready to leave and there is no time for typing. The good story will wait until I am settled at dear old Tebay.

In the meantime, here are a few pictures –

Up at HorseBack, Robert Gonazles was working his magic. Actually, it is not magic, although it looks like it to the untrained eye. It is the product of years of experience and practice and thought, and also, I think, comes from an inborn gift. But having a gift is no good if you don’t work at it, and Robert’s dedication is second to none. This little filly is only two, and has been in a field for the last eighteen months, entirely unhandled. This is only her second session with Robert, and she has already learnt many mighty lessons:

5 March 2 4608x3456

The red mare is having a holiday for the next few days, and enjoyed herself vastly in the set-aside this morning. Despite all my angst about the teeth, today she is happy as a nut:

5 March 1 4330x2736

5 March 6 4055x2923

5 March 1 3635x2390

5 March 2 2598x1739

Even though this is not a well-framed photograph, because there are branches in the way, I love it because it shows the sweetness of the little trio down in our quiet, hidden field. Autumn the Filly, Red the Mare, and Stan the Man, having fun:

5 March 8 4181x2047

Some of the HorseBack herd this morning. Even though this was taken in blinding sunshine, it’s come out in a lovely moody blue, as if they were drowsing in the gloaming:

5 March 9 4573x2832

I took my dear friend The World Traveller up to HorseBack this morning, to meet Robert and watch him work. First of all, she saw Brook, the wonderful ex-sprinter who shows all the willingness and versatility of the thoroughbred in his new job working with wounded veterans:

5 March 12 4594x3120

Everyone here gets a blog name, except for Stanley the Dog, who really is called Stanley. (It was too splendid a name to change.) The World Traveller is so called because she once rode all the way along the Silk Route. I am still of awe of that remarkable achievement. She also, as you can see, has excellent taste in hats:

5 March 15 4594x2552

The joy that Stan the Man takes in a really good stick never dims:

5 March 17 4139x2447

The snowdrops will probably be gone by the time I return, but they have been a keen daily pleasure:

5 March 18 3677x2607

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