Friday, 5 June 2015

No blog today.

Happy day. Family, enchanting telephone call, sunshine, mare, Stan the Man digging for rats, HorseBack, book, and all work done and done and done so I could sit down and watch the racing. The glorious fillies are about to come out for the Oaks, and you know what I am like about the thoroughbred fillies.

As a result of the dancing girls in the Epsom sun, I have no time to write the blog. I am ruthlessly sacrificing you to the beauty of Legatissimo and Jack Naylor and Crystal Zvezda and Lady of Dubai. I expect that the mighty Aidan O’Brien will run away with the spoils, and give his usual modest interview afterwards so that I can play AOB bingo and count how many times he uses the word ‘listen’. (Also: ‘the lads’.) But today I’m a Luca Cumani girl, and I hope his brave, galloping Lady of Dubai might upset the odds.

Whatever happens, I hope they all run their race and come home safe.

Happy weekend. Back on Monday, I hope with some more coherent sentences than these.


Today’s pictures:

The duchess was bred to win the Oaks, but couldn’t even manage a selling plate. Bless her sweet, slow hooves:

5 June 1 4405x2770

5 June 1 4594x2755

Stanley the Manly, posing with some interested cows:

5 June 2 4062x3129


  1. I hope you enjoyed the racing and all those beautiful speedy animals. I think Red had the best idea - give up on the senseless (to her) galloping round in circles and come for a glorious life with you. Thank you for lovely photos:- as ever, Stanley's ears are fascinating. Gill

  2. I am sending you an emoji of the smiley face with a wink and blowing a heart shaped kiss. In yellow.

    1. Wrong post. I shall amend immediately!


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