Monday, 15 June 2015


Although I have vast amounts of work to do, I’ve run myself into the ground a bit, so I’m going to give myself a little stay-at-home holiday. I’m taking the week off to ride my mare and throw sticks for Stanley the Dog and potter about and watch Ascot. I always feel faintly guilty about taking time off, because it’s not as if my job involves going down mines or putting in widgets on an assembly line, but there is always a moment when my brain starts to twang and stutter and I know that I will achieve nothing good by bashing on. I have to try and turn my mind off, so it will work again. That is my plan.

So, there may be a blog, there may not be a blog. Probably not, unless something very marvellous happens on dear old Queen Anne’s racecourse this week. I hope to the hit the ground running again on Monday.

In the meantime, here are some pictures for you. I took these this morning:

15 June 1 5184x3456

15 June 1 4890x2692

15 June 2 3456x5184

15 June 4 5184x3456

15 June 5 5184x3456

15 June 6 4196x2531

15 June 8 5184x3456

15 June 8 5184x3456-001

15 June 9 5184x3456

15 June 10 5184x3456

15 June 11 5184x3456

15 June 12 5184x3456

15 June 15 5184x3456

15 June 16 3456x5184

15 June FB1 5184x3456

15 June FB2 5184x3456

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  1. Thank you for the lovely pictures Tania. All creatures great and small appear to be fit and blooming, and all very lovely. Enjoy your stay-at-home holiday - may the sun shine on you and yours and do you all a power of good. Look forward to the next blog - whenever!! Gill


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