Friday, 11 September 2015

A lovely day out. A welcome home.

Just got back from Blair Castle Horse Trials. This year, it was home to the European Championships, so some of the best horses and riders in the world were there. I enjoyed myself vastly and Stanley the Dog made friends wherever he went. (Except with two angry terriers and a disaffected dachshund, to whose snarls and yaps and barings of teeth he reacted with sweet charity and slight bemusement. Luckily, a ravishing lady Labrador soon cheered him up.)

I think perhaps a year ago I would have felt some chagrin. My mare would never look like those horses, or be able to do the things they do. I would never look like those riders or be able to do the things they do.

This year, I felt filled with love and joy. I admired and felt inspired. I adore watching people who are really, really good at what they do. These people were really, really good. There were some charming horses, with character and grace, courage and talent.

But I would not have swapped one of those world-class athletes for my own sweet girl. On the way home, through the mighty slopes of Glenshee, I had to watch my speed, I was so impatient to get home to her.

Back at the ranch, even though it was six o’clock and time for her tea, I leapt into the saddle and took her out into the amber evening light. The sun poured down like honey and she pricked her ears in polite surprise, not being accustomed to an evening ride. Round we went, in our old cow pony lope. She did actually do her dressage diva trot, as if to say: those world-beaters are not the only ones who know self-carriage. And then, just to show them that there was one event in which she would beat them all to flinders, she practised for the Standing Still Olympics.

I wrote yesterday that when I am in the saddle on that horse, I feel as if I have come home. Today, it was a literal thing. I was tired after the long day and the long drive, but I felt my shoulders come down and my heart lift.

There are thousands of horses out there who are better than she, who are even more beautiful than she, who have skills to which she, and I, shall never aspire. But there is not one single horse who suits me so well and makes me so happy.

Don’t compare, I think to myself. The way to hell is paved with comparisons. It’s a terrible human imperative. If only I had that, if only I were this, if only I could do what that person could do. Love what you have, I tell myself; love the one you’re with. This evening, in the glancing Scottish light, in my peaceful green field, on my glowing red mare, all that was fine and true.


Today’s pictures:

The road to Blair:

11 Sept 1 5184x3077

11 Sept 2 5170x2790

11 Sept 3 3456x5184

11 Sept 4 3456x5184

11 Sept 4 5184x3456

11 Sept 0 5142x2510

11 Sept 5 5170x2937

11 Sept 6 5184x2798

11 Sept 8 3445x3070

11 Sept 8 5184x3456

11 Sept 9 5184x3031

11 Sept 9 5184x3456

The Great Event:

11 Sept 9 5184x3456-001

11 Sept 10 5107x2818

11 Sept 11 3222x2965

11 Sept 11 3406x4995

11 Sept 11 3581x3180

11 Sept 12 3088x4763

11 Sept 12 3979x3085

11 Sept 14 5100x3050

11 Sept 15 5184x3456

11 Sept 16 4469x2811

11 Sept 18 5184x3456

11 Sept 19 3403x4090

11 Sept 19 3456x5184

11 Sept 19 5184x3456

11 Sept 21 3162x4059

The sweet face that greeted me when I got home. Slightly quizzical look, as if to say – Where have you BEEN all day?:

11 Sept 30 2067x2728

After the lovely ride, spotting Stanley the Manly capering about in the set-aside:

11 Sept 31 4568x3281

My little man was so good today:

11 Sept 33 5184x3456


  1. Beautiful. Love the contrast between portraits & landscapes, competition & special moments. Thanks Tania. Mxxx

  2. Some of your most splendid photographs A sublime.

  3. Agreed. Your absolutely wonderful photographs recalled some beautiful scottish landscapes from 'Outlander'. Yes, I watched a few parts and it was dreamlike. Looked like around the corner. You probably heard about the filmcrew working their way around Scotland. Lots of horseriding ! Best wishes Christiane

  4. There is something almost disturbingly sexy about a tall, dark, lean-muscled man astride a tall, dark, lean-muscled horse. Add a top hat, and... whooooooosssshshhhhh!

  5. Lovely photos thank you for sharing. And Stanley... so handsome.x


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