Friday, 13 November 2015

Horses and flowers.

Got the horses all rugged up yesterday for Storm Abigail, and then came down this morning to find this enchanting scene – sunshine and happy faces:

13 Nov 1 5179x3038

(We were very lucky with the storm. It roared in from the west, glanced at us for a moment, and then veered quickly north, to go and do its mischief in Orkney and Shetland. Poor things; they got the brunt of it.)

Then did the flowers for my mother’s wake. We are calling it a gathering, because wake is too gloomy. I’ve also cooked about eighty-seven cheese bloody puffs, along with salmon mousse, yellow pepper soup (to be had in shot glasses), smoked mackerel pâté, a spicy tomato salsa, and some feta cheese thing which will go on little rounds of baguette toast. I’m quite tired. But the flowers came out beautifully, and I’m pleased about that:

13 Nov 2 5184x3456

I keep meaning to say thank you thank you thank you, to all the Dear Readers who have left such enchanting messages. So many of you have visited this foreign country, and your words of generosity and understanding fly through the ether to lift my battered heart. The heart is very, very bashed. But it’s going to be sunny tomorrow, and we shall remember the old lady well, and on on on I bugger, because the only thing to do is to keep buggering on. It is the greatest catchphrase of this funny old island race, and I cling to it like a drowning woman in a stormy sea.


  1. KBO, in all circumstances.
    Or that amazing passage from the end of Gatsby - you know the one...

  2. Beautiful flowers for your mother. Take heart, it will be a lovely day and you will get through it, make a little peace with it then carry on knowing she would have enjoyed the party.

  3. I hope it all goes well for you and that it will be a happy occasion for you to remember. Hope the cheese puffs go down well.

  4. It sounds like a truly special day, just as she deserved... look after yourself, Rachel


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