Thursday, 8 March 2018

Good Stuff: Day Eight.

1. The sun came out and gentled the snowscape. The mares were goofy and comical and delighted. I took their rugs off for the first time in a week and they looked so gleaming and beautiful that I stood for twenty minutes, gazing at them with love and wonder.

2. I did the hard stuff today. I tackled the chapters that had not worked. I ran at the subjects that were so knotty I rather wished I had not started them. I made myself go far, far out of my comfort zone. I wrote 2509 words and edited forty pages. My entire body aches. But I have a holy, exhausted sense of achievement. I fucking well was a proper writer today. I didn’t busk it or fake it. I was all in.

3.  I made some chicken soup. I need chicken soup. It was really, really good chicken soup. It has spinach in it for strength and garlic in it for health and chilli in it for va va voom.

I love you for going with this Good Stuff challenge. I don’t have any idea what I’m doing at the moment. When I’m in a work storm like this, I can’t make sense of actual life. So this could be absolute nonsense, for all I know. I have no way of telling.


  1. Do you realize how large your good things are? When I was counting good things at the height of my stressful period a few years ago, some days the best I could do was "the roads were dry when I had to drive today" or "no one is ill today" or, slightly better, "I bought supermarket deli pizza for supper so I didn't have to cook today"! Your good things seem pretty huge - to me, anyway :)

    Excellent job on the editing! The hard stuff is hard :) But the feelings afterward are good :)

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