Saturday, 9 January 2010

In which I take a day off

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Quite often I work at the weekends, but today I am having a proper Saturday day off.  I am having a perfectly lovely time doing absolutely bugger all. My mind has gone flat like a mill pond, and has very few thoughts in it. One of the thoughts is: how could I have forgotten that amazing patronising voice of Patricia Hewitt's?  And who was it who ever suggested to her that it was a good idea to speak like that? And why did she ever think that someone who did speak like that could ever pull off a serious political coup? And why did she choose Mr Hoon as her partner, the dullest man in England? (I used to believe that no one could actually be as dull as that in real life, and that really he was just having a little joke with us, and that behind closed doors he was an absolute pistol, cracking jokes and singing show tunes. Now I am not so sure.)

My other thought is: how did a mouse get into the boot of my car, shred pieces of paper it found there to make a little nest, and then disappear again?  The boot was so iced shut that it took me five minutes to get it open today. So how did a little mouse manage it?  I may be pondering this for some time.


Today's picture:

The weather, on which I am in danger of becoming almost as dull as Mr Hoon, has changed again.  The temperature has rocketed up into the minus ones, and there was a sort of snow fog all day, out of which a tentative sun attempted to shine, before giving up the ghost and going away to do something more productive.  This is what it looked like:


Saturday snow 002

And this:

Saturday snow 007

And this:

Saturday snow 004

This was at eleven o'clock this morning.  See how eerie the light is? Observe slightly puzzled dog:

Saturday snow 016

And this is a heavenly bit of lichen, because I love lichen:

Saturday snow 013

And this is just entirely random:

Saturday snow 022

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