Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Posted by Tania Kindersley.

The thaw waxes and wanes. Almost all the snow has gone, but long dirty patches of ice form and reform, so that going outside at all is demoralising and dangerous.

Today, I did research. This always sounds very grand and professional, but actually involves me chasing about on wild tangents all over the internet. I am looking into the evolutionary nature of beauty. It turns out that the scientists are having a not very genteel fight on the subject.

I have the familiar sense of frustration that comes with not getting my word count up. I tell myself it is not a race; then I think of the hard deadline. Sarah is very relaxed about this. I fear that if I do not meet it I shall be sent into the garden to eat worms. It is one of the differences between us.

I wait for news on my mother. In the meantime, I make chicken stock. She will need soup when she comes home.


Today's Photograph:

There was nothing lovely outside to look at; it was a dull cold day, and the slush has frozen into dirty, ugly piles. So I stared at this pretty photograph instead, for my necessary aesthetic hit:

interior by Courtney Giles photographed by Emily Followill

(Photograph by Emily Followill; interior design by Courtney Giles; from the Style Court blog.)


  1. I rather love a bit of research but only on topics that feel manageable- middle class family life in Edwardian England say- not the entire eveolution of female beauty! Good luck and hope the news on your Mum is good

  2. Sending Best Ma Wishes. At the very least, Aberdeen is not too far away.Chicken stock is quite the best and freezes well too.


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