Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Computer woes continue. Posts to remain sketchy as consequence. SO SORRY. Today am thinking about Kant and aesthetics. You can sue me now for pretention.                                                                               Here he is, with friends hanging on his every word -     



  1. Kant and aesthetics? Tell me more.

  2. Tania, hello!!! I am enjoying a golden age on the Internet front, it's been working really well for three or so days now - magic. Love the picture. Have been catching up and am DELIGHTED to hear that you are writing another book - how exciting!!! Look forward to hearing all about it as it takes shape and once you allowed to talk about it. Also - saw your soup thing in Red - quite right too. It warms your bones up, somehow. Fx

  3. PS Have been meaning to tell you for ages that being next to Catherine Deneuve in your blog labels list is probably one of the highest points of my life.

  4. I share your woes. Our computer is now so old it dozes during the day but refuses to be put to sleep at night like some toddler-regressing recalcitrant grumpy old man. This week I've already lost one piece of writing to its machinations - today I have braced myself to re-write.

    Question: In the eclectic, fully-stocked independent bookshop where I currently toil, are you happy being shelved next to Dorothy Rowe in Philosophy? I've kept you out of self-help - is this a happy compromise?


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