Thursday, 2 September 2010

Completely random Thursday

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

I yearn for coherence, but today I can summon none. Instead, I shall embrace the randomness.

1. Thing I am more upset about than I should be:

The egregiously ugly new redesign of the Oval Office. It is a jarring symphony of beige and caramel and taupe. It looks like a dentist's waiting room, and that's being quite rude to dentists. I spend half my life sticking up for President Obama, and this is what he does to me. You can see I am taking this personally. But really, LOOK:

horrid Oval office

Do you not just feel as if you are being suffocated in blandness? Why can't they have lovely red sofas and good lighting, like in The West Wing?


2. Thing I do not care about:

Whether William Hague is gay. I do, however, care that the BBC decided that was going to be its NUMBER ONE STORY on The World at One today. In the real world, Barack Obama is starting new peace talks with Israel and Palestine, there are food riots in Mozambique, and the Royal Bank of Scotland is sacking 3,500 workers. A prominent Catholic called Edmund Adamus has blamed gay rights for turning Britain into a 'hedonistic wasteland'; apparently, we are living in 'the geopolitical epicentre of the culture of death', which is always reassuring. Three suicide bombers have blown themselves up in Lahore. It is Democracy Day in Tibet. Professor Stephen Hawking has said that God did not create the universe. And the best naughty old Auntie can come up with for its lead story is whether the foreign secretary is bi-curious?


3. Word I did not know, but do now:

Perissology. It means a superfluity of words, and I am going to use it every day from now on.


4. Naughty bit of internet gossip to which I really should pay no attention:

Apparently, Sarah Palin is a very bad tipper.


5. Slightly unexpected thing I am fretting about:

The future of cricket.


And now for some pictures.

I have never seen my mint flower like this:


I find myself profoundly surprised that my new blueberry bush actually has blueberries on it:


I am mesmerised by this fern; it looks as if it were designed by Hermes:


Some days I think I only really want blue flowers:


The lovely chestnut avenue, in the gaudy September sun:


It was so sunny that some basking went on:



And I think that's quite enough of all that.


  1. I like your post coherence or not. Particularly the post about the BBC. It skipped the revelations about Coulsen as well and focussed so much on the Blair biography they ignored what was happening in the Labour party right now. And they focussed lots (the whole media did really) on Naomi Campbell when there were floods in Pakistan and people said it was because it was "slow news season" - I think a flood of that magnitude is worth more than being described as "slow news".

    Sorry I seem to have got grumpy in your comments, but not at you. Lovely pictures as always (except the bland Oval Office but that is not one of yours)

  2. Love your comments; very coherent to me!
    Loved No.4, and actually like the Oval office; has a very calming feel.

  3. Gorgeous garden ( those little viola on the pot bench the other day!) and always good to see happy dogs. I do wish you could capture on camera the Duchess with eyebrow raised.

    My impressions of how the Oval Office should look has been so imprinted by repeated viewings of the West Wing that I really only miss the crazy turquoise rug with rampant eagle picked out in clashing colours. Tho I wouldn't want it in my own office.

    Glad you're back.

  4. Coherence is over-rated!
    The news makes me despair - here we have no government, no rain and no idea - the news leads with some tv famous local lad biffing his girlfriend - it makes me want to scream.
    The oval office going greige is making me worry about Obama.

  5. Siobhan - So agree about the Naomi Campbell fiasco; it made me crazy. Did not notice grumpiness; your comments are always terrific.

    Vanessa - thank you. I am actually rather glad you like the Oval Office, since I always want to think the best of Mr and Mrs Obama, even when it comes to interior design.

    Kate - shall be stalking the duchess and the eyebrow specially for you.

    Cybill - so glad I am not the only one who gets furious about the news. Am curious. When you say 'here' - where are you? I love to know where my readers come from.

  6. I love the rambling ness of your post! I like the photographs and the dogs make me smile foolishly to myself! Yes I too am worried over the cricket and what is going to happen to the rest of the tour but I guess what will be will be.

    Our darling dog Franky passed away on Tuesday towards dawn. We are still trying to get to grips with this. We have Googly who we love very dearly but Franky was with us for nine years.

  7. Yes, it's boring and tasteful, but it may have been a wise choice: it may have been planned this way to stave off the discussion that would dominate the airwaves: "Obama: More interested in interior design than in the Interior?" Et cetera. They're learning.

  8. Staircase Witch - excellent point. Poor things can't win, really.

    Mystica - oh I am so sorry to hear about your dear dog. I can imagine your sorrow only too well. I know they are not humans, but it is a great love, and so a terrible loss. I send you all my sympathy. I am so glad you still have Googly (great name), but you must be bereft without your Franky.

  9. Here is Australia, where no-one is looking after us and we all get to stay up late and drink straight out of the milk-carton. Well at least until this hung election gets sorted out!


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