Thursday, 9 September 2010


Posted by Tania Kindersley.

I realise that on my last post it sounded slightly as if I thought the fjords were in Denmark. I would like to make it clear to all my readers that, despite being rather poor at geography, I do know they are in Norway. (I am not always so smarty pants; I used to muddle up the Dead Sea and the Red Sea. Also there were moments when I became confused between the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles. It's too shaming really, but there it is.)

And, if you would like to laugh your ears off, have a look at this lovely old chestnut, put up by the always wonderful Andrew Sullivan at The Daily Dish:

The genius is, as so often on the Dish, in the title.


  1. Of course you knew that and no-one would suppose different. Speaking of Denmark, did you catch (it was probably a repeat) the Coast edition on same? I never particularly thought of Denmark as a place I yearn to visit, yet there it was, glorious sandy beaches, a quiet marker between two clashing seas and the concept of 'hygge' which I've always been very taken by and intend to make a life work of.

  2. Jo - how fascinating. Going to look up concept of hygge now.


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