Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Very quick

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Long day, so too tired for much. Many words were written, which was the good thing.

The rain has blasted down since dawn, like a tropical monsoon out of low black skies. It is rather dramatic. I keep thinking: good for the garden. There is almost nothing I love more than listening to the rain drumming on the window panes when I know I do not have to go out into it.

I listened to Mozart and ate a smoked salmon sandwich for lunch. (The salmon was on special offer in the Co-op; I can see why, it was not awfully good, even with lots of black pepper and lemon juice.) I am now contemplating doing something interesting with prawns for my supper.

I know I should have a firm opinion on the News of the World telephone tapping scandal, but I do not. I keep thinking: it's the News of the World, why is everyone acting as if they are shocked, shocked, to find that there is gambling going on in this establishment. They are all Peter Lorres to me.

I leave you with some entirely gratuitous dog photographs, because I suppose one can't go breaking the habit of a lifetime:

7th September for blog

Do look at the wistfulness.

9th September for blog 3

Distinctly unimpressed with the weather.

May we have our biscuits now, please:

7th September


7th September 3

On days like today, I am glad that I have a whole cache of photographs taken when the sun was shining, like Sebastian Flyte's pot of gold, the one he planned to go and dig up from every place where he had once been happy. I like to remember what it looked like. (Oh that was a rotten sentence, but you know what I mean. I have been thinking a lot about Evelyn Waugh lately.)

9th September 5

9th September 6

So even when it is at its most dreich, I still may have sunshine and roses:

9th September 7


  1. I don't know how you could ever resist those faces x

  2. Whoops, I meant to leave my name.

  3. Please send some rain here! its dry, hot, dusty, parched. My garden looks horrible as we haven't watered it for ages...
    Oh the dogs (can you send them as well)

  4. Em and Mystica - you know the way straight to my heart is to admire the dogs. :)


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