Saturday, 3 March 2012


Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Today I rode a horse and arranged flowers. I am clearly morphing into some kind of genteel lady from 1762. If I start doing needlepoint and playing the harpsichord, then it shall be official that there is a tear in the space-time continuum.

The horses and flowers took up so much time that I do not even have a moment to write this blog. I had no idea Georgian women were so busy. Now there are guests coming, and I must attempt to remember my creaking social graces, and not get too over-excited and start shouting. (This is always a very, very real danger with me.)

In the meantime, some pictures of my absurd pursuits:

3 March 1 03-03-2012 16-56-57

3 March 7 03-03-2012 17-00-15

3 March 9 03-03-2012 16-58-36.ORF

3 March 11 03-03-2012 16-57-59.ORF

3 March 6 03-03-2012 12-37-43

3 March 8 03-03-2012 12-16-34.ORF

(The punk mane is because her hog is now at the vertical Mohican stage. It shall lie down, eventually.)

3 March 10 03-03-2012 12-38-48

The Pigeon is giving me that look because she is not at all sure about this riding lark. I think she suspects that I have suddenly taken up with a huge, chestnut dog, on which I appear to be galloping about in fields. I do see how this would be a bit irritating:

3 March 12 03-03-2012 17-01-39

I sincerely hope that I have a rather more expansive and proper post for you tomorrow. I can only apologise for this really very poor effort. And now I must go and put my lipstick on and think of some interesting conversation. (Must must must try not to bore the guests with my theories about the Gold Cup.)


  1. I'm sure cats consider us big cats, and judging by Pigon's face yes, you have taken up with a bigger dog.

  2. She is very reproachful, The Pidge. I think she wants to go back to Scotland and have you to herself.

  3. I always love your flower exploits, and today the juxtaposition of the flaming parrots tulips and those dark ranuncoli is melting me with its beauty.

    I agree with Joanne and Goldenoldenlady: the Pigeon is clearly putting up and enduring at the moment, hoping for her exclusive rights over you to be resumed very soon.

    Enjoy the daily riding, despite the long faces.
    You look so free and happy and relaxed up there.

  4. You look so perfectly "at home" on that horse!

  5. I envy you the flowers! they are gorgeous!

  6. The flowers are utterly gorgeous; the horses so handsome; and Pigeon's 'old-fashioned look' (as my nan would have put it) made me laugh a lot. I am sure you feel suitably chastened.

  7. What Pat in Belgium said.
    I listened to a thing on radio 4 this morning - Clare Balding talking about her absolute love of horses, amongst other things emotively describing a beautiful foal and then a racehorse that they were with....I thought of you fondly whilst washing up baby bottles and brewing the coffee :)
    *Love* that eucalyptus.
    PS-Pidge will be just ducky, you're only on loan.

  8. Lovely, lovely, comments; thank you all. x

  9. If The Pigeon is right, I can't wait to hear how the chestnut big-dog likes sleeping in your bedroom when you get her home.

    And LOL, next time you worry about shouting at a party, just remember that a floor show is often a fun diversion for the other guests, and yours comes at no charge.



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