Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Very quickly

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Those regular readers will know that I am not famous for my time management. I can only say sorry for no blog yesterday and no proper blog today. By the time I have gone to the glen, talked to the horse, groomed the horse, tacked up the horse, ridden the horse, untacked the horse, talked to the horse some more, brushed the horse, turned out the horse, and driven home, there is only room for mad work rush all day long. Today, I even forgot to eat lunch. And I never forget food.

And then it is midnight and there is no blog.

I shall get all this into a manageable routine soon, I hope.

In the meantime, I apologise for this paltry excuse for a post.

I do love the horse though. She is a far, far better thing than I ever did. I love her and love her and love her and we are going to have the finest time together.

Anyway, so sorry for my hopelessness. I write this simply so that the Dear Readers do not think I am dead in a ditch. Instead, picture me riding through one of the most ancient Caledonian pine forests in Scotland, with the sun glimmering on the moss, and a song in my heart. All the clichés are true. If I were a bell, I'd be ringing.


  1. Do what you love. Does the Pigeon lope along, or is it too far.

  2. So your heart is like a singing bird?

  3. No apologies necessary! You deserve all of the happiness that your heart can hold - and thank you for the lovely visual. Somehow my mind added the happier bits of the song "Wildfire" too...

    It's wonderful to hear this happiness in your words, too.


  4. I read your blog as it is like finding a person in the world who makes sense when all around is nonsensical. I so know what you mean about being a dog person, I was never a dog person. I still don't think I am but I have two of my own and love them. I have had this strange notion for a while about taking riding lessons but I thought I was perhaps too old. Your writing has inspired me. I am going to do it. Please continue writing about Red as I already love her too via your words. Long may your heart sing.

  5. Joanne - how kind you are. The Pidge did come for a bit, but we are going out into the wide glen now, so the old lady dozes on her sheepskin rug in the car.

    Lillyanne - YES!

    Robyn - incredibly lovely comment; thank you.

    Anon - such a very kind thing to say. I could not recommend your riding plan more. First of all, it's the best exercise I know. Second of all, you get this marvellous communion with another animal, with strange thought processes and instincts. That did not interest me at all when I was young; I took all that for granted, because they were the creatures I had been surrounded with since I was born. Now, after a thirty year gap, I find it quite the most fascinating thing. If you can find a good horse and a good teacher, you will be galloping through the glen in no time.

  6. I am v excited about Red and I look forward to the pics. MCD Jr also v excited when he saw your pics: his latest word (and I'm not sure i can phonetically type this) is in fact 'ourse' in the manner of a slightly drunken Devon yokel, so he finds your pics terribly pleasing too x

  7. Oh, PLEASE!
    This is a clear case of HORSE LOVE (complicated -- or, should I say augmented by the beginning of Spring). Enjoy! Enjoy!
    The blog & readers will be here....

  8. I can hear the bells from Scotland
    Though I dwell across the sea
    I can hear the bells from Scotland
    Do they ring for me, for me?

    Your heart is like a bell, my dear
    It sings when you are there
    I see you riding through the glen
    With sunlight on your hair.

    I can hear your heart from Scotland
    Though I dwell across the sea
    I can hear your heart from Scotland
    Does it beat for me, for me?

  9. You sound so very happy. ENJOY!

  10. Oh what fun! I grew up behind a riding stable, with a wood, fields and lots of bridle paths. I spent all of my spare time with the horses even though none of them were mine. I did get to ride them from time to time and I liked to do my homework sitting on hay in the box stalls. Dogs and horses. Such great companions.


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