Saturday, 9 June 2012

Happy Birthday

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Today is my mother’s birthday.


I am very grateful to my mother for teaching me manners, and what to look for in a two-year-old colt.

I gave her a red blanket for the bed, a lavender and hop pillow, and a biography of Ruby Walsh.

‘Oh, Ruby,’ she said. It was only a paperback, but it was easily her best present. She really loves that man like a son.

Too tired now for more words, but here are some pictures.

This is the wood I drive through when I go up to see the ponies:

9 June 1

9 June 2

9 June 3

9 June 3-001


9 June 4

9 June 4-001

9 June 4-002

9 June 4-003

Red and Myfanwy:

9 June 5

9 June 5-001

9 June 6

Pigeon, doing her sphinx impersonation:

9 June 7

Where the hill should be:

9 June 10

The weather, as you can see, continues gloomy. The seven day forecast says: cloud, cloud, cloud, light rain, cloud, cloud, cloud. Ah, June in dear old Blighty.


  1. How wonderful you can buy a present to your mother she really values. Books can be like that?

    Wonderful pictures, i love the green moss on the forest floor. Ah, sometimes I miss the country.

    Helena xx

  2. Oh, I forgot to say - could you redo the link on your blog roll that you've kindly included to my blog? It shows a post from 3 months ago, but I've posted quite a few times since. I think this may be because I changed my address to from ?

    Many thanks,

    Helena xx

  3. Jon's birthday too :) Nice to be in such good company.
    Happy Birthday for your

  4. The Pigeon's sphinx portrait is priceless. And Myfanwy, very winsome. Lovely.

    Hope you're beginning to recover.


  5. Please tell your mother Happy Birthday, from all of the very grateful readers.

    Congratulations on finishing the book, and thank you as always for the very lovely pictures & words.



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