Friday, 8 June 2012


Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Sorry for the absence. I had to finish my book; there was no time for anything else.

I did finish my book.

Well, when I say finish; the second draft is in. There will be editorial. But the really difficult thing is done.


As if in celebration, the dog was especially sweet. The mare was putting on a show of dearness so antic and funny that I wondered if she almost knew of the tension of the last forty-eight hours and was giving me a special present.

She did her circus tricks around the field, which made me double over with laughter, and then she came to my shoulder and did figure of eights without a halter. I just have to point my finger and lean my body, and she puts her darling old head down and goes in the right direction. It sort of is a bit of a miracle.

Then I stop, and she stops. I gesture towards her shoulder, and she walks neatly and obediently backwards. Then she nods, and looks absurdly touching, and I give her a carrot, and she lets out a low whicker, and twitches her lower lip and gives what comes closest in horses to a smile. Then she leans her head against my chest and closes her eyes and breathes out through her nose and has a little doze.

And somehow, I think: who gives a damn about those 91,000 hard-fought words; because I have this.

Pigeon, at her most grave and noble:

8th June 1

Red, at her most goofy, as she ambles towards me to say hello:

8th June 3

Her view:

8th June 2

No hill today; the clouds came in and hid it. Here is some grass and a couple of young trees instead:

8th June 6


  1. HUGE congratulations. Can't wait to see it in print.

    And STOP BLOODY APOLOGISING, woman. You have NOTHING to apologise for.

  2. Cassie - laughing a LOT. You are of course quite right, but it is so hard, the apologising thing. Like a DISEASE. PS. Hope your lovely bouncing Rev is recovering. :)

  3. What Cassie said. And your Pigeon is looking very magnificent today. Think you should make a poster of that one.

  4. Echoing Cassie. That being said, good to have you back.

    Bravo! Well done!
    Time to break out the champagne!

  6. Definitely congratulations. No wonder Red and The Pigeon are happy ~ you are happy.


  7. fantastic! well done! a great achievement!! WOW! AND still blogging...certainly a tailor of words you are. enjoy the feeling of lightness, liberation and achievement! x

  8. Congratulations! That photograph of Pigeon is the best ever.

  9. Well that news brought the sun out! Such a relief. Well done.

  10. Such a pure jolt of admiration reading that...let's just say it again: you finished your book. YOU FINISHED YOUR BOOK! You have written another book. Even one book is a massive thing in my world. I have not spent much of my life making any thing - I consult and advise and schmoooooze. You, you write! You write! Ahhh it's such a noble thing. Only now that I have started the apothecary business do I realise the pride of MAKING something.

    So well done you - you inspire.

    Lou x

  11. What Nancy and Lucille said, really. If there had only been a hen picture my happiness would have known no bounds.

  12. What everyone else said. That is a really incredible achievement. Enjoy the weekend as much as you deserve and then some more! Rachel

  13. Congratulations on finishing The Book :D Very excited to read it.

  14. Well done, well done, well DONE!

    As for not needing (to write) books when you have such close bonds with your animals, I guess you are a lucky lady because they are not mutually exclusive categories, and you have both. Long may you enjoy ALL you have, and have all that you enjoy.

  15. WOOT WOOT! HURRAH!!!!! ---> capitals and exclamation marks :)
    Wonderful news - and no need to apologise.
    Do something celebratory....have a fillet steak, or some fizz, or buy some lovely flowers, actually, I think you deserve all three. HURRAH!!!!!!! Well done you - we send love and congrats.

  16. Well done. Brilliant. Exciting. You can now breathe again. Properly. Now can I ask some writer based questions. How long has it taken you to write it? Is it fiction and how do you approach it? Structured, unstructured, just write whatever you can, basic idea? I hope you don't mind me asking but I am impatient, have fooled myself so many times into thinking about writing but never actually do. And you are the closest I am to a writer. If you don't want to answer because you have just finished writing I understand- but can you point me in the right direction for anybody else's guidance? I do have books but you are real. ps apologies for the selfishness. I love your blog and you inspire me so hoping you can inspire me some more! No undertones or anything that should be misread. Just a person with a burning question and a headful of random words. And just fascinated to know how you do it, all - so much.


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