Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Anatomy of a day

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

So chilly this morning that I actually put on a scarf to go up and see the horse.

Mare completely and utterly adorable, possibly the most adorable yet in terms of sheer, sustained sweetness.

Breakfast with The Mother and the Lovely Stepfather; excellent coffee; Pigeon flirts and vamps and also breaks records for adorableness.

See the Horse Talker, which is very necessary because it means I can speak of equine matters for at least half an hour without someone wanting to call the police. This is because she is as interested as I am, and can discuss herd behaviour for hours.

She brings her small daughter, who I think is a horse whisperer in the making, and who enchants the Welsh pony.

See the great-nieces and nephew, who also appear to be breaking records for sheer sweetness. ‘CUDDLE’ shouts the great-nephew, hurling himself into my arms and beaming all over his tiny face.

The Horse Talker says: ‘You are very lucky to have such family.’

I think: I am very, very lucky to have such family.

Say goodbye to The Landlord and The World Traveller, who are driving south in search of sun. I shall miss them very much indeed.

Do work.

Eat smoked mackerel for lunch.

Tell an exceptionally nice cold-caller that I do not own my own property. He kindly says he is going to get me off that list if it is the last thing he does. We wish each other a good day, with cheerful sincerity.

Am profoundly shocked by the Barclays affair. What is wrong with the corporations? Why can they not behave like responsible citizens? I genuinely find it hard to understand.

Discover, as I do every year around this time, that I have very little interest in tennis.

Gaze at the low skies and wonder if the jet stream will ever get moving again.

Have two unsuccessful bets at Brighton and then a lovely win at Hamilton on the game and bonny King of Paradise.

Go up to do the mare. There is a fleeting moment of sun and a small expanse of blue sky. I stare at it in awe and wonder. I even take photographs so the moment may be recorded for posterity. If the jetstream does not move, it may be the only piece of blue sky I see for the rest of July.

Make braised pork with rice for supper.

Contemplate having a quick peek at the 8.20 at Kempton. The lovely William Buick is riding...


Today’s pictures:

3 July 1

3 July 2

3 July 4

3 July 5

3 July 5-001

3 July 5-002

3 July 6

3 July 6-001

Red’s view:

2 July 9

Red the Mare:

3 July 10

3 July 12

I love this face. This is her every good girl deserves an apple face:

9 July 11

And talking of lovely faces:

3 July 14

3 July 15-001

The hill. Please note the BLUE SKY:

3 July 15


  1. Will soon forget what the colour blue looks like. Suspect I will greet the reappearance of the sun with superstitious awe.

  2. Sundress and sandals this afternoon, needing a sweater (pull, jumper, whatever you call it!) in evening...and it's July -- summer!!!!

  3. I love this description of a day. On 4th July I was on a VERY cold train, wishing I had worn warmer clothes, until I hit hot and humid London and was glad I had not. My day was a little less tranquil sounding than yours, but I hope for some of those soon too.

    I just love your writing.


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