Saturday, 14 July 2012

A quiet day

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

Sweet, slow day. The sun almost appeared. There was at least one patch of blue sky. The mare whinnied with greeting when she saw me, which of course made my soft old heart beat in my chest.

We went for an epic two hour ride through the hayfields. There was one scary building, a startling deer leaping out of the high grass, and a perfectly terrifying water and rutted mud combination; all were negotiated successfully. I learnt more about her; she threw up a couple of challenges; I had to use my head. In honour of the July Cup, we did a furlong half speed gallop, which was quite exciting. We rode home gaucho-style, no reins, relaxed as a pair of old hounds.

It was absolutely brilliant. For the first time, I really felt some of my proper riding skills come back. I did some work with her, figures of eight and serpentines, and felt her polo training come back.

I did think how good she is. She gets very zoomed up when we go out into the wild spaces, but she still pays attention to me. A lot of thoroughbreds would see that much open grass and think they were at the races, and I would find myself at Inverness before I knew it. But although she yearns to go fast, she is much too polite to tank off like a crazy horse.

The other lovely thing about this riding is how I get to see this great country. I would never walk that far on my actual feet, not in a million years. I was not bred for hiking. But from Red’s lovely back, I can go out into the mountains and the woods and watch the wind making shimmering patterns in the last of the uncut hay. It is a fine privilege, and I do not take it for granted.

Tired now, from physical exertion, from a bit of unexpected dog grief last night. I suddenly missed my old duchess fearfully. Waves of remembering are such odd and unmapped things. They can still buffet me about as if I am a ship at sea.

The mother is home from the hospital, which is excellent news. Everything is very quiet and still. The Wellingtonias and the beeches stand green and stately outside my window, for once not drowned in rain. The only sound is the gentle breathing of the Pigeon, as she dozes by my side.


Today’s pictures:

14 July 1-005

14 July 2-005

14 July 3-005

14 July 4-005

14 July 4-006

This is where Red and I rode:

14 July 7-005

14 July 8-005

14 July 9-005

Myfanwy the pony, stoical about being left behind:

14 July 10-005

This is what Red looks like when she ambles over to greet me:


Relaxing after her long ride:

14 July 11-005

The Pigeon says: if you think that big red dog is sweet, I see her dopey donkey face and raise her a questing look:

14 July 12-005

A blinky eye:

14 July 14-005

And a yearny face:

14 July 15-005

The hill:

14 July 20-005


  1. I had to look up Wellingtonias. Very impressed. You have specimen trees!
    Your ride sounds idyllic, but I am curious. Do you lead parallel lives - one watching Channel 4, the other loping on horseback across the countryside, a third writing your blog? Or do you rise at 4am to cram everything in? If so, can you tell me what you're on? I want some of it.

  2. Wonderful photos...
    BLINKY! and the Red montage gives me an inkling of how heartwarmingly lovely it must be to have her come to greet you...the picture of Myfanwy though is my favourite today, it's so dreamy, she could almost be a unicorn.

  3. The ride sounds wonderful. I love the countryside and wish I was better at hiking (I wished this very bitterly on the Isle of Skye climbing up a particularly large hill in the rain - climbing, proper climbing I can do, hiking less so, despite years of hiking the Scottish countryside in the rain as child).

    I am glad you had a lovely day, and as for the grief I am currently being reminded that it takes on average two years to grieve so I think the unexpected sadness and memories are just part of that. I at least think that when they come for me for now. I think it shows the people were important and loved.

    Thank you for writing, even the posts you think are not real are much better than many of mine, and have something in them that I really do love.

  4. Trying to figure out a way of clipping out the postage stamp photos of Red, putting them together (in order) and making one of those "instant animations". You know, rapidly flipping the pages sort of thing...

  5. Such lovely, lovely comments; thank you. :)


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