Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Bonus Post

Posted by Tania Kindersley.

This little fella just appeared in my house. He was so tiny and delicate that I feared if I picked him up he might die of fright or crushing. Luckily, I once bought a big feathery fan from the National Portrait Gallery. I used this to encourage him up to the open part of the window. After a couple of false starts I got him there. He liked the big feathery fan so much that he sat on it for about a minute. I stayed very still. Then he flew away to freedom.

4 July 20

4 July 21

All of which gives me the opportunity to say the thing I forgot to say earlier, which is Happy Fourth of July to all my Dear American Readers. I did look for a nice picture of an American flag for you, but they all look dull or cheesy. So just imagine a happy fluttery stars and stripes in your mind.


  1. And thank you for helping the bird, who truely appreciated it. Is he a kind of a sparrow?

  2. This is just a lovely little post - thank you!

  3. What a dear little soul. We ARE all in this together, no matter what some people think.


  4. That's a wren, I do believe.


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